Songkran Festival 2017 Activities

            Sarasas Ektra School organised Songkran Festival 2017 activities on April 12th,2017 to celebrate Thai traditional New Year.The activities encouraged the students to learn more about Thai culture and traditions with a view to encourage the prolonging of these special traditions.

Infant Department:

           In the morning, NC.-KG.2 students enjoyed watching the‘Miss Songkran’parade and a traditional Thai dance show from KG.2 class teachers. After that, there was a quiz show about Songkranfestival. In the afternoon, KG.1-KG.2 students including Thai and foreign teachers sprinkled scented water on Buddha images.Then the students poured scented water over their teachers’ hands. The teachers in return wished them good health, happiness and prosperity. Later,theybuilt sand pagodas and had a good time splashing water on each other.

Primary Department:

           To celebrate this auspicious occasion, theteachers and students had a morning merit-making offering to some monks from a local temple. After that, the students watched some videos about the history of the water festivaland played some traditional Thai games. Later, there was a‘Miss Songkran’Contest and a beautiful parade. Then they performed a bathing rite for Buddha images and the students paid respect to the teachers by pouring scented water over the palms of their hands. The teachers in return blessed them good luck and prosperity. Lastly, everyonejoyfully threw water on each other without using water guns.

Secondary Department:

           To start the activities, Secondary students together with their Year3 -6 juniors offered alms to monks in the morning. Later in the afternoon the school organised ‘Miss Songkran Parade’ and the bathing rite for Buddha images activity. The students also had an opportunity to show their respect to their teachers by pouring fragrant water onto the teachers’ hands. The teachers wished them good health, happiness, and prosperity in return.After that, they splashed water on each other. Before the fun water splashing started, the representatives of the administrators blessed the teachers and the students and reminded them of thisbeautiful Thai tradition and reminded students to be grateful of what they have. The students were encouraged to express their gratitude to their parents and all their elderly relatives.



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