Sport Carnival -- Primary-Secondary Department

            From January 19th to 20th, 2017, Sarasas Ektra School Primary and Secondary Departments hosted their annual Sports Carnival with the aim of giving those with athletic talents an opportunity to display their particular athletic skills. Besides, the concept of winning, losing, and forgiving was also promoted alongside the idea of unity and camaraderie among friends—both primary and secondary students. The sports activities were held during the lunchtime and were classified as follows.

List of Sports Held for the Primary Level
1. Futsal (male)   2. Basketball (male, female)   3. Chair ball (female)
4. Badminton (male, female)   5. Table tennis (male, female)   6. Tug of war (mixed)
7. Long-distance running (male, female)    

List of Sports Held for the Secondary Level
1. Basketball (male, female)   2. Volleyball (male, female)   3. Futsal (male)
4. Darts (mixed)   5. Table tennis (male, female)   6. Tug of war (mixed)
7. Long-distance running (male, female)    

            On January 19, 2017 was held the Ektrathon, which required the contestants to run up and down four buildings—from the start at the Parking building, to the John Bosco building, to the John the Baptist building, finishing at the Primary Department’s new building, respectively. Primary and secondary students together with their teachers—both Thai and foreign—joined this competition. The winners of each level are shown below.

1. Upper primary level
Male   Mstr. Justin Effenberger   Yr.6A (Amethyst)   10.55 min
Female   Ms. Rattanawalee Lin   Yr.6B (Amethyst)   13.46 min
2. Lower secondary level
Male   Mstr. Krittin Sutthijit   Yr.8D (Sapphire)   9.51 min
Female   Ms. Arin Pattarasakol   Yr.9D (Amethyst)   13.33 min
3. Upper secondary level
Male   Mr. Weerut Chumpol   Yr.11E (Amethyst)   10.41 min
Female   Ms. Kansinee Lertpanyarote   Yr.11D (Sapphire)   14.13 min
4. Primary teachers
Male   Mr.Kevin Bratsky   (Gold)   10.42 min
Female   Miss Dohna   (Emerald)   15.26 min
5. Secondary teachers
Male   Mr. Yotin Jinsance   (Sapphire)   11.18 min
Female   Ms.Bojana Pavicevic   (Sapphire)   15.32 min

            The closing ceremony was held on Friday, January 20th. There were parades with a merengue theme by Emerald, Gold, Sapphire, and Amethyst. Parents also joined the merengue parades, all having great fun. After that, the contestants competed in the final round of the tug of war, School’s traditional sports contest. Next was the cheering and cheerleader contest. All house colors employed their creativity at its best in order to design their shows, choreographic movements, costumes, and props. Foreign teachers helped add vibrancy to the day by presenting their special shows. The last activity was the ceremony presenting awards to winners of each contest.

Awards of Sports Contests
1. Exemplary persons
Exemplary house color captain   House color leaders   Alumni
Mr. Sanan Rattanamaneephankul
Parents (71 persons)   Exemplary house color teacher   Entertainer teacher
GOLD   Mr. Sansern Namwong
  Mr. Peerada Dabthong
2. Exemplary athletes
Primary level (male)   Primary level (female)    
Mstr. Ing Kiatsingnakorn,
Yr. 6A
  Ms. Sopitjit Ruetaichetjaro,
Yr. 6C
Secondary level (male)   Secondary level (female)    
Mstr. Punyadhorn Jirachaiyapast,
Yr. 9D
  Ms. Nuttita Chowchankit,
Yr. 12B
3. Parade GOLD
4. Merengue EMERALD and AMETHYST
5. House color decoration EMERALD
6. Cheerleaders AMETHYST
7. Teachers’ show EMERALD and AMETHYST
8. Cheering AMETHYST
9. Junior cheerleaders SAPPHIRE
10. Overall sports contests AMETHYST
11. Tug of war EMERALD and AMETHYST
12. Highest scores of all contests AMETHYST

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