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Stamp @ School

           On August 4th, 2016 Thailand Post organized “Stamp @ School” activities for all Year 5 students at Sarasas Ektra School to let the students learn about the history of stamps. This was due to the fact that nowadays communication via letters using stamps has become less common. Furthermore, the students had a wonderful opportunity to know more about the countries in ASEAN. Also, they learned about Thai traditional food, dessert, culture and tradition, and tourist attractions. There were four bases as follows:

           - “Knowledge Base” The students were taught about the history of stamps.
           - “Stamp Decoding Base” The students received five clues and then they tried to decode them by guessing from the clues. The answers were about Thai culture and tradition, such as Thai traditional food in four regions, desserts, and plays. These were connected to ideas for stamp making.
           - “Stamp Detective Base” The students played a detective role and guessed where the tourist attractions were located and guessed what picture in each stamp was.
           - “ASEAN Stamp Matching Base” The students learned more about stamps and postboxes of ASEAN countries.
           These four bases led the students to think about and analyze the history of the stamps and know more about Thai culture in various aspects.