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Sunthorn Phu Day 2016

           The Department of Thai Language (Primary) organised Sunthorn Phu Day activities on the 24th of June, 2016, to commemorate Sunthorn Phu, Thailand’s best-known royal poet. He was renowned for composing beautiful literary works such as Phra Aphai Mani. Furthermore, he was honored by UNESCO for his contribution to World Literature. Sunthorn Phu is also known as “the poet of  the Rattanakosin period” and “Thailand’s Shakespeare”. Many students took part in various activities such as drawing and colouring competitions, a costume competition drawn from the characters in the Phra Aphai Mani story, and a Sunthorn Phu quiz.

Prize winners: Drawing and Coloring Contest
Year 2
Mstr. Watcharapong Wanichthanaolan
Year 3
Miss Thanaporn Chawanasunthornpoj
2nd place
Miss Chanamon Ativanichayapong
3rd place
Miss Tanchanok Lamnaotrakul

Year 4
Winner 2nd place 3rd place
Mstr. Jiraroj Wiruchpongsanon Miss Phuncharat Prakaianurat Mstr.Tanuvorn Marleson
Yr.4E Yr.4C Yr.4B
Year 5
Winner 2nd place 3rd place
Miss Kanyarak Suthadsanasoung Miss Tuanmukalis Tokubaha Mstr. Harris Suteerapornchai
Yr.5C Yr.5C Yr.5C
Year 6
Winner 2nd place 3rd place
Mstr. Naris Amantakul Miss Nutcha Marleson Miss Napat Techayouenyong
Yr.6D Yr.6A Yr.6F