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National Thai Language Day Activities

             Held on July 29th 2016 on the ground floor of St.John the Baptist on the secondary campus of Sarasas Ektra School, National Thai Language Day Activities were aimed to conscientize students about the significance and values of the Thai language and to immortalize it as a national language. The activities held were arranged into a series, starting with a quiz game, which tested students’ knowledge on all aspects of the Thai language. Next was the Thai folksong or “Lukthung” singing performed by participants from both senior secondary level and junior secondary level, with the former signing “Siam the Land of Smile” and the latter singing “Thai Uniqueness.” The next activity was a debate by senior secondary students. The motion of the debate was “The Past Is More Important than the Future.” The last activity held was an award-giving ceremony offering certificates to the participants of the above-mentioned activities.

List of award winners of the primary level

      • Motto composition contest

  First place   Ms. Pirada Kim        Year 4F  
  Second place Ms. Salisa Ubolthani Year 4C  
  Third place Mstr. Ji Yul Han        Year 4D  

      • Reflective creative writing contest under the title “Thai Children and How They Use the Thai Language”

  First place   Ms. Chidchanok Boonprakongwong Year 5B  
  Second place  Ms. Chanikarn Methawipas Year 5A  
  Third place Ms. Chanoknan Nantapaiboon Year 5B  

      • Essay competition

  First place Ms. Tuangrat Chirasupakul Year 6A  
  Second place  Mstr. Pichaya Amornsri Year 6D  
  Third place Ms. Supitchaya Ruetaichetjaroen Year 6E  
List of award winners of the secondary level
      • Motto composition contest
  First place Ms. Prarinda Bunjuedwattanakun Year 9A  
  Second place  Ms. Tassaporn Sukhumdhanakul Year 10D  
  Third place Ms. Busakorn Budsapathamrong Year 12E  
      • Thai folksong or “Lukthung” singing
  1. Rungtiwa Promsorn Year12D  
  2. Onpilin Wanichthanaolan Year 8B  
      • Debate under the motion “The Past Is More Important than the Future”
  Proposition  :  1. Ms.Onnicha Apivisankij Year 12F  
    2. Ms.Natchapa Srisanguansakul  Year 12F  
    3. Mr.Saksilpa Srisukson Year 12F  
  Opposition  :  1. Ms. Maythita Chanaporn Year 12C  
    2. Ms.Watcharee Liengboonchu Year 12A  
    3. Mr.Run Herabut Year 12A