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The Workshop for “The Preliminary Research Process”

           “The Preliminary Research Process” workshop was held at Sarasas Ektra School on 18th -19th April, 2016, at Seminar Room on the seventh floor of St. John the Baptist Building to guide Year 10 students whose majors were Extra class/ GAC and Bilingual Preparation Course. The honorable lecturer was Professor Piyaphong KlaiKleung, PhD, Educational and Psychological Test Bureau, Srinakharinwirot (Prasarnmit) University.

           On the first day of the activity the students learned about “The Preliminary Research Process” and its background. This was beneficial for them to use as background knowledge and apply in their studies in various subjects.

           What’s more? On the second day the audience was divided into small groups so they could brainstorm their ideas and write a research proposal according to research methodology. The Arts major students prepared a research proposal about “Survey” while the Mathematical Sciences major students wrote about “Experiment or Invention?”

           The next part of the workshop was to let the students present their own research proposals. Lastly, the lecturer and the school’s committee gave useful advice and shed light on how the students could develop their research proposals for Semester 1, Academic Year 2016.