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Year 10 Camp

           Sarasas Ektra School hosted some activities for Year 10 on 27th – 28th May 2016 at St. John the Baptist Building with the purpose of building students’ potential for readiness inside the school’s blue and yellow fence. The activities were as follows:

27th May 2016
           The day started with an opening ceremony by the Vice Director, Ms Bussararut Kerdpermpoon, followed by ice-breaking activities for the students. There was then a speech by Father Thomas Prateep Suthinawin regarding the ideas of morality and culture among teenagers nowadays. Father Thomas said that the important things that teenagers need to develop are consciousness, intellect, knowledge, virtue, ethics and civilization. Lastly, students watched a short film about Malala Yousafzai and her idea to campaign for girls’ right to be educated. In one of her speeches she said “One child,one teacher,one book, and one open can change the world.”

28th May 2016
           The first activity started with making merit and giving food to the monks. Then followed discussion on the Dhamma and a group activity for students to gain self-confidence and believe in other people around you. The next activity was “MAC EKTRA” , an activity that concentrated on thinking and analyzing skills, real case studies and working as a team. These were to be integrated with virtues such as giving love and friendship to others and not bullying others. After that students listened to speeches from our alumni, Maj. Thanatus Lerstanotai and Mr. Suravee Toungjit. They passed on to students their ideas about living one’s life successfully. Then students were referred the guidelines for living their lives within our blue and yellow fence. Ektra’s culture is focussed on love and forgiveness as the most important things.Students then performed a ceremony to show respect to their teachers, and the teachers welcomed them as students within our blue and yellow fence. The activities were concluded with a closing ceremony.