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Year 9 Star Smart

           Every year Sarasas Ektra holds a camp called Year 9 Star Smart Camp for Year 9 students, aiming at giving them some inspiration and motivation on the occasion that they are finishing their junior secondary education level. The camp is also aimed at strengthening the relationship between the teachers and Year 9 students. This year the camp was held on the 25th and the 26th of November 2016.
           On the first day, 25th of November, there was a reforesting mangrove activity held at Klong Kone Mangrove Forest Conservation and Development Center, Samut Songkhram. Students attended a lecture on the significance of and procedures for planting mangrove trees before putting this into real practice. In this activity, the students not only took part in planting mangrove trees, but also in conserving natural resources along the coastline.

           On the 26th of November, there was a guidance activity designed to help students choose study programs that best suited their abilities and interests. Students were required to join the following five base activities.
           - Base 1: All Flavors in One Dish —Students learned about the materials used in cooking and how to cook, and finally put into practice what they had learnt. Alumni Chatchawut and Boonrit from Batch 17 came as special guests and lecturers.
           - Base 2: Music and Art —This base required the students to move their bodies in accordance with a given song. Alumni Laura, Warisara and Arisara from Batch 11 came as the hosts of this base activity.
           - Base 3: Model —This base was about creating a model, which is necessary for studying architecture. Alumni Panus, Wirunchana and Natdanai from Batch 17 came as the hosts of this base activity.
           - Base 4: Rope of Camaraderie —Hosted by current year 11 students, this activity required a designated number of students to all skip a rope simultaneously under the designated conditions.
           - Base 5: Tube of Harmony —Hosted by current year 12 students, this activity required the students to transfer a golf ball on PVC plastic tubes from the start to the finish line on condition that the ball must not fall off the tubes.

           Besides having fun with the activities above, the students also learned about the conservation of marine natural resources, comradeship and teamwork. Most importantly, they had a chance to put into practice what they were interested in.