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Breakthrough Summer Camp: The Future Me

           During our summer break to help our students use their free time wisely and keep their minds active, our Infants Department organized their annual Breakthrough Summer Camp. This camp was open to all year levels ranging from NC – KG. 3, from the 28th of March to the 29th of April, 2016.

           This year our theme for the camp was based on ‘Occupations’. Students learnt about a variety of different jobs, such as, a soldier, a policeman, a nurse, a farmer and a chef. Students were able to explore and delve into each occupation, learning about the type of uniform they may wear, the tools or equipment they may use and some of the responsibilities associated to each job.

           On the last day of camp, the 29th of April, 2016, school hosted an end of camp ‘Careers Day’ activity. This was a fun way for students to review some of the vocabulary that they have been learning about in class and celebrate the end of camp. The day consisted of teachers and guest speakers representing certain occupations, running activities and leading demonstrations for the students to participate in. During the activity students rotated around several bases.

           - A Soldier Base : students learnt about the type of uniform soldiers wear and were able to practice some drill exercises, like a soldier. These included cross country racing, jumping from a tower and passing through an assault course etc.
           - A Nurse Base : students were able to see and explore a real emergency vehicle/ambulance. They got to see and learn about the equipment used in an emergency as well as learning how to stay safe and deal with an emergency situation.
           - A Muay Thai Base (Thai Boxing) : students learnt and got to participate in some Martial Arts activities demonstrated by one of our parents, who kindly volunteered to help.
           - A Post Office Base : students learnt how to write a postcard, as well as learning about what it is like to be a postman or woman. Our guest speakers also taught the students about the different types of mail/letters that can be found at the Post Office.
           - A Chef Base : Students participated in a cooking activity taught by our Thai and foreign teachers. They were able to practice decorating cookies using icing sugar and other ingredients.
           - A Farmer Base : students learnt about planting seeds and how to look after plants. Together with the foreign teachers, they were to plant a bean sprout to take home and look after.

           These activities enable our students to gain more knowledge and practice future life skills. They also support the theory of Multiple Intelligences (M.I) in education.