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English Camp 2016 Infants Department

           The Infants Department housed an English Camp for our students from the 28th March to 12th April 2016 from 8:30-14:00 Monday to Friday for our KG.2 and KG.3 students.

           The Purpose of English camp is designed to enhance student’s use of the English language through fun based activities like English games and arts and crafts. The entire lessons on this camp are taught in English and are run by our foreign teachers.

           Our Theme For this year’s camp was “SUPER HERO ACADEMY”, students got to learn all about the different types of super heroes and where divided into four main groups according to their year level; Superman, Captain America, The Hulk and Batman. Each group had a foreign and Thai teacher to accompany them throughout their time on the English camp.

           The Camp was divided into four learning areas: English, Math, Art and Music. In English we focused on teaching the kids English Vocabulary based on our theme, For Math they learnt super hero counting numbers 0-20 as well as some math games, in Art they explored their creative side in making different super hero crafts, like mask, wands and shields. And for Music we had a super hero theme song “When I grow up, I am going to be a Super Hero”. Which the students enjoyed dancing and following the actions to the song.

           For our English Camp we tried to make the learning experience fun as possible so we had extra activities which included cooking and a cinema experience. In cooking Class the students got to make an Iron Man mask cracker and a Hulk Man pudding. They also enjoyed watching “The BIG HERO” movie in our made up cinema, where they got to enjoy eating popcorn, ice- cream, fruit juice and many more treats.

           At the Infants department we design our English Camp to enhance each student Multiple Intelligence (M.I) by using different learning bases to cater for each child’s learning needs. We don’t just create a learning environment but we try to give each child a different learning experience.