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iCamp Workshop titled “Using iPads for Educational Purposes”

           Sarasas Ektra School hosted an iCAMP Workshop entitled “Using iPads for Educational Purposes” on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st April 2016 for Year 10B students (GAC Art Program) and Year 10C students (Extra Class). Speakers from Apple Inc Company held the camp in the seminar room, 7th floor, St.John the Baptist Building.

           On 20th April 2016, students participated in some activities that supported learning through the applications on an iPad. The topics set up included such as learning about the system for iTunes U, creating a mind map via “Popplet” application and searching for information via “YouTube” and “Safari” applications. Finally, the students made presentations via the “Keynote” application and students from each group had to present their research in English to the rest of the group.

           The activity on 21st April 2016 was about writing Storyboard using “Note” and “Book creator” applications. Students from each group created a short film from the the storyboards they made using “iMovie” application. After the activity had finished, students presented their work through AirDrop. All students coordinated well with each other in this activity and the knowledge they received was of real benefit to them.