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“They who eat the sour will get to eat the sweet” The Sex after Marriage Project

           On Thursday and Friday the 4th and 5th of August, 2016, the school’s Department of Nursing and Student Health organized workshops for Year 9 students on Sex after Marriage. They took place in the 7th floor auditorium, John the Baptists Building. A speaker from the Thai Family Foundation came to give students knowledge, understanding, and right attitudes towards sexual behavior. The workshops were arranged in five units as follows:

• Unit 1: Teenagers and Sex before Marriage
           Learning Process: The students were divided into groups for brainstorming to find the answer to the question “What makes teenagers have sex?” After that the students presented their ideas in front of the class, having the lecturer guide and explain more where needed. Lastly, they watched a video with the title “Not Ready” for conclusions about the question.

• Unit 2: Teenage and Love
           Learning Process: The speaker described the meaning of “Love”, “Lust”, and “Infatuation” to let students see the differences among the three. (* Love is compassion, when you want your loved ones to be happy. * Lust is desire and selfishness. * Infatuation means passion or desire based on appearance. ) Later the students answered questions in exercises to differentiate among situations that could be the sources of Love, Lust, and Infatuation.

• Unit 3: Influence of Media on Teens’ Thoughts and Behaviors
           Learning Process: The students were asked to complete a survey to see how much the media impacted on them. Then they watched some advertisements and videos to investigate their “Emotional Attraction”. This was to let the students practice differentiating, analyzing, and selecting the appropriate media.

• Unit 4: Consequences of Teen Sex
           Learning Process: The lecturer shed some light on the types of sexually transmitted diseases and how they spread. This was to let the students realize the possible consequences of having sex. Also, the chart “Steps leading to Sex” was shown to the students so they would know about and try to avoid risky behaviors triggering sex before marriage.

• Unit 5: Sex is better after Marriage
           Learning Process: The teachers asked the students to do a “Pledge” activity in which they pledged that they would not have sex before marriage by writing their name on their pledge card and exchanging it with their friend. The friend who received the pledge card would act as their buddy to take care of them and help prevent them from taking part in inappropriate sexual behavior.