Ektra Star Kids 2017

                Sarasas Ektra School’s Infant Department organised Ektra Star Kids 2017 Activity. Thisevent has been held continuously for nine years to give our students a chance to shine on stage and display their talents and abilities in many different ways. It is clearly seen that the kids have been developing themselves through this activity. This year’s event was held for two rounds. The former one was for KG.1-2 students on 3rd -6th July 2017 under Building 1, Infant Department,SathupraditSoi 19. The latter one was for KG.3 students on 12th -14th July 2017 under Dominic 2 Building, Primary Department,SathupraditSoi 20.

          The event gives the students the opportunity to show their abilities. This supports the Multiple Intelligences Theory which school has adopted. There were numerous performances such as musical show, traditional Thai dance, drawing to music, singing songs in English, Thai, and Chinese language, dancingto music and many more other interesting performances. School also invited the parents to come and join. Altogether everyone had great fun and smiles and laughter were shared. Finally, school would like to thank you all lovely and kind parents for your continued support. Hope to see you at the next Ektra Star Kids activity!

Photo Gallery

KG.1 - 2