Feast Day and Wai Kru Ceremony 2017

           Sarasas Ektra organised Feast Day and Wai KruCeremonyfor the Academic Year 2017. The purposesof the activity were to enable the students to show respect to Mother Mary and Saint DominicoSavio; who is the patron saint of the school. School asked for their blessings to protect and keep all students and the school safe and content throughout the year. Finally, students were given the opportunity to express their gratitude to their teachers in the WaiKru Ceremony. This ceremony also helped conserve one of the most beautiful Thai traditions. The activity was held at Infant Department on Thursday June 8th,2017, for Primary Department on Thursday June 15th,2017 and for Secondary Department on Thursday June 22nd, 2017.
           This year Father Narong Ruamaram and Father SompoatPhoonphokphol were our honourable guest speakers. They delivered meaningful speeches and following this student representatives said the pledges on behalf of all the students. Next, there was a certificate giving ceremony for various kinds of competitions which included Academic Contest International Level Academic Year 2017 (National Round), Thai Manners, Essay Writing, Drawing and Colouring, Wai Kru’s Trays with Pedestal, and the awarding of certificates to our the students who received scholarships. Additionally, the students sang “If we hold all together”, “We are Ektra”, and the “Royal Anthem”.

Father Narong Ruamaram’s Speech

           “Good morning administrators, teachers and students. Today we are here together to ask for the blessings from God for our knowledge, for the prosperity of the school, and for the betterment of our education.
           In the Gospel according to Saint John, Jesus was regarded as a shepherd who knew all the sheep’s names. The shepherd is a good example to the teachers and the administrators. You can act like a shepherd who takes care of the sheep or the students. It would be great if you can remember all the sheep’s names and tell whether they are ill or get hurt from the wolves. This is in order for the shepherd to take care of the sheep and heal them in time. If the shepherd is not close to the sheep, he will not have the smell of them. That kind of shepherd is not good. I would like all the students here to be like a sheep which sticks with the shepherd so that the shepherd has the smell of you. The teacher-student attachment is a beautiful image, showing bonds between them.  Students, you may have travelled to many different places. In some places, there will be a small bottle of milk sold for 20 baht. We can buy it to feed little sheep and goats. Sometimes we buy some hay to feed them. The little sheep and goats would gather closely around us. Since they are not harmful, we are allowed to get close to them and feel the attachment. Those littles animals are like the students who have to obey the teachers. If you can do it, you will be happy.
           Pope Francis once said “Time is more important than Place”. There are many times that the parents are concerned where the kids go, when they will be back, and how they will live. Sometimes the place is considered more. It would be better if the time is considered more. For example, the time that the teachers dedicate to the students. The time that the teachers have spent for the school and the kids is more precious. All students, your main duty now is to remember and follow the voice of your teachers. They will give you knowledge. You have to concentrate on your studies, be studious, and be patient. Just like the sheep who follow the shepherd to find food to eat and stay alive, you shouldn’t sit still and wait for the knowledge. Instead, you should be an active sheep who are energetic and try to follow the guide of the teachers so that you will have the green field of knowledge to improve yourselves.
        Today, I would like to leave you with the thought of good shepherds for the teachers and  good sheep for the students. I wish this new academic year is a good year for everyone. May you progress in gaining more knowledge and may the blessings of God stay with you all. God bless you.”

Father Sompoat Phoonphokphol’s Speech

        “The academic year 2017 has already begun. Today is a good day that you, all students, have asked for the two blessings in life. Firstly, you have asked God and the sacred things that you believe in to bless you to have mindfulness, intelligence, strength, and faith that you will be giving to the people who have educated you such as the administrators and the teachers. Secondly, you have joined Wai Kru Ceremony today and will ask for the blessings from your teachers who have taught you all along. The best teachers show and lead by example, not just by reading things from books. Moreover, ‘Wai Kru’ is held to let the students show their love and respect to their teachers.

        From the Gospel of Saint Join today, we have learned three lessons.
First, there is a saying “The person who doesn’t enter the sheep’s stable by the door will be seen as thieves.” The thieves can get into our lives in many different forms such as an inappropriate use of media or criminal news, using drugs, and illegal things etc. These things can distract our minds, making it more aggressive. It can affect our lives.

Second,there is another saying “The person who enters the sheep’s stable by the door will be a shepherd. The door keeper will have to open the door and let the sheep get in.”For example, when I was on the way to Sarasas Ektra I didn’t know which way to go. Luckily, I met the security officers and school’s staff. They showed me the way where to park and gave a warm welcome to me. This tells a lot about the quality of the school. We can see that when there was a person with a good intention coming through the gate, if he does not look suspicious like a thief, the school will welcome him well. Anyway, students, you should also know how to behave and when to show respect to others. When you meet the security officers or school’s staff, you should show respect to them by ‘Wai’ just like what you do when you meet your teachers.

Thirdly,“The sheep will listen to the shepherd’s voice who can remember each of their names. The shepherd will take them outside and lead them.”The students learn from the teachers and take the teachers as the examples. So, the teachers should set a good example for the kids, take care of them, and try to get them to reach their destination. However, reaching the destination is not enough, make sure that the students reach there with happiness and success. I’ve come to the end of my talk today. Thank you God for blessing all of us and let us have what we have today. God bless you.”

Director’s Speech

        “Today we have listened to the lessons from both of the honorable Fathers. Also, we have seen the picture of the Jesus carrying the little sheep with him. That picture denotes the meaning about teachers and students. To describe, the teachers’ roles are not different from those of Jesus’ who carried, took care of the little sheep, and guided them so that they could find the green field. Additionally, the little sheep need to be protected from all the danger such as the threat from the wolves, the tree’s branches, wells, quicksand, and all the diseases. To be a good shepherd, the teachers have to know each and every sheep and they should have the smell of the sheep with them. Teachers, no matter what subject you teach or what roles you have, please always remember that you are a shepherd and you have to take care your flock of sheep very well. I’d like to leave you with this thought.
        Finally, I wish all students will be able to progress this year, have a good thoughts, concentrate, be a good student to your teachers, be a good kid for your parents and be a good member of the society and the country. If you all do good things for society, you can help our country to grow and have prosperity, especially in terms of mind. Thank you, all of the administrators, teachers, students, and everyone who is involved in this activity.”


    Students who received the awards from Academic Contest International Level Academic Year 2017 (National Round)
  Miss Irinraya Pitakwong   Mstr.Nattawee Wiwattanakul  
  Year 6E   Year 6A  
  Silver Medal   Encouragement Award  
Thai Manners Contest 
Mstr.Sira Sittijarathum Mstr.Kittapas Thattanasombat Mstr.Chayapon Sitayotin
Miss Manassanan Sriwichupong Miss Alexis Sirisomboonwong Miss Chalisa Lowpattanaki
Year 9C Year 8D Year 7B
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Mr.Panot Kaewpaitoon Mr. Thanaboon Luimpiyawan Mr. Thanon Thanyaphatcharakan
Miss Patchanat Wanodhayan Miss Surang Wanicharnan Miss Nutnicha Sunantra
Year 11B Year 12D Year 10F
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Essay Writing Competition under the Topic “Teachers’ Benevolence”  
Miss Wareevan Sujirapinyokul Miss Chayuda Chaturongkasumrit Miss Pimrata Boongapatkulsiri
Year 9A Year 8C Year 8E
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Essay Writing Competition under the Topic “A Superb Teacher”
Miss Parn Songsupkul Miss Surapha Upariphutthiphong Mstr. Tee Dechpokket
Year 8A Year 9B Year 8B
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Drawing&Colouring Contest under the Topic “We Are Ektra”
Miss Kirinee Wannavatakul Mstr. Bhumbhasin Limchanapa Miss Leelawadee Assawatewin
Year 7A Year 7B Year 9D
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Miss Nutcha Marleson Mstr. Phuri Sottatipreedawong
Year 7D Year 9C
Consolation Prize 1 Consolation Prize 2
Wai Kru Tray with Pedestal Contest
Class 7D Class 8E Class 9E
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Class 10C Class 11B Class 12A
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Students who received scholarships
Mstr.James Chatchapon Leelayuvat Mstr.Thanatat Dheravijaranayankul Mstr.Pichapop Jierapakdee
Year 7A Year 7A Year 7B
( Linguistic Talent) (Music Talent) ( Linguistic Talent)
Miss Nichanan Kurpipat Mstr.Bhumbhasin Limchanapa Mstr.Subhawit Thirasuntrakul
Year 7B Year 7B Year 7C
(Music Talent) (Academic Talent) (Music Talent)
Miss Mayuri Sato Mstr.Chen-Tat Lim
Year 7C Year 7D
(Music Talent) (Music Talent)
Miss Natcha Khanthachavana Miss Rinrada Chongsomsuk Mr.Pannathorn Visvathon
Year 10A Year 10A Year 10A
(Linguistic Talent) (Music Talent) (Music Talent)
Mr.Punyadhorn Jirachaiyabhas Mr.Pawat Penghiran Mr.Ittikorn Wasuphiruk
Year 10A Year 10E Year 10F
(Sport Talent) (Music Talent) (Music Talent)
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