National Mother’s Day Activity (Infant Department)

           August 12th of each year is the day that all Thai people acknowledge and appreciate its importance as the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and also a national Mother’s Day. Sarasas Ektra’s Infant Department organised the National Mother’s Day Activity on August 11th , 2017. The purpose of this activity was to express our loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen and to think about our mother’s compassion and their benevolence. There were various activities held in the buildup to the event. Firstly, the chairperson opened the symbolic cone, and presented the silver and gold phanphums in front of Her Majesty the Queen’s image. Then the praise for the queen was read. After that, there were some performances and activities as noted below.

           1 ) Thai traditional dance performance in the song “Ra-Bum-Dok-Bua” from KG.2 students
           2 )  Poem reading in Thai on Mother’s Day occasion by the representatives of the students
           3 )  Speech performance in English by the representatives of the students
           4 )  Chorus performance in the song “Glowing Inside ” from KG.3 students
           5 )  The chairperson gave the certificates to the representatives of the students from the dance show and from the speech performance

           Next, there was a slide presentation showing the mother and child’s bond. Lastly,  all students sang together in the song “Korn -Mai-Mee-Mae-Hai-Kord” (Before We Don’t Have a Mom to Hold)  and  then the Thai folk dancing girls came to present the garland to their mothers, leaving all with a great impression.

           Additionally, mothers of KG.1 students had an opportunity to do some bonding activities with their kids in the classrooms to enhance the love and attachment between them and their child. The activities included Mother’s Day card giving, paying respect to mums by prostrating one’s self, and expressing the love to mums etc.

List of Students Receiving Certificates
                     1. Poem Reading and Speech Contest
    1.  Ms.Natkrita  Korbviyakorn KG.2C
    2.  Ms.Michelle Phusanisa  Crisp KG.2D
    3.  Ms.Panchada  Intarasuriyawong KG.2E
    4.  Mstr.Teetawat  Kiatkawinwong KG.2H
                     2. Representatives of Students in the Thai Traditional Dance Performance in the Song ‘Ra-Bum-Dok-Bua’
    1.  Ms.Aunchasa  Lerdpanya-arwut KG.2D
    2.  Ms. Anyaruk  Kuhiranyarat KG.2B
    3.  Ms.Phattarawadee  Apichonbootra KG.2C
    4.  Ms.Wanitchanya  Siriwattananupong KG.2A
    5.  Ms.Natpaphat  Wongsakornphisit KG.2E
    6.  Ms.Thornthan  Bureetong KG.2F
    7.  Ms.Ramon  Sunthonsurat KG.2G
    8.  Ms.Ciara  Margaret  Brazel KG.2H


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National Mother’s Day Activity