National Mother’s Day 2017

          On August 11th, 2017 Sarasas Ektra School’s Primary Department organised National Mother’s Day Activities for 2017. The purpose of the activity was to honour Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and to encourage the students to express their love and gratitude to their mothers and their benefactors.There were two sessions: a morning activity and an afternoon one. In the morning session, there were various performances such as: a Thai traditional music instruments performance which was accompanied with photographs showing Her Majesty the Queen’s work in the song “ Khu Fah KhuPhaen Din” , Ektra Primary Chorus who performed a special song called “Mom”, Ektra Orchestra performed “Wind beneath My Wings”, a group of students sang “Rao Ruk Mae”, some students performed a danceto the song “I Turn to You.” and finally the top three from the English speech contest read their winning speeches.

          In the afternoon session, there were activities held for Yr.2 students and their mothers. Firstly,some games and activities were arranged for the students to play with their mums and everyone had a lot of fun. After that, the students sang  “ I Love My Mommy” to their mums. Then the students brought the sunflower sprouts and gave them to their mothers. These sunflower sprouts were planted and well taken care of by the students for the whole previous week in order to be given as a present for their mother. The sunflower sprouts also represent the love and care that the students have for their moms. The students wish their moms to be healthy, stay with them, and to teach and raise them well, for as long as possible.

List of Students Receiving the Awards from Mother’s Day Activity in Academic Year 2017

Drawing and Colouring Contest

            Year 1
  1st Prize Mstr. Natchaphol Somroop Yr.1A
  2nd Prize PrizeMstr. Ariya Leelertpanya Yr.1A
  3rd Prize Mstr. Jipaphat Bhudhaporn Yr.1D
  Encouragement Award Miss Narampha Cholmaitri Yr.1A
  Encouragement Award Miss Patteranut Sittiviriyakul Yr.1E
            Year 2
  1st Prize Miss Sasipha Pinijmongkol Yr.2F
  2nd Prize Mstr. Nattaphum Puangpratoom Yr.2A
  3rd Prize Miss Atichakul Kulvaropas Yr.2B
  Encouragement Award Mstr. Pakkawat Tangnathee Yr.2E
  Encouragement Award Miss Maythaporn Apichonbootra Yr.2C
            Year 3
  1st Prize Miss Dahye Jeon Yr.3B
  2nd Prize Miss Pimrapee Sucharitham Yr.3C
  3rd Prize Miss Pryn Thanabodithammachari Yr.3D
  Encouragement Award Miss Supissara Tanachaisang Yr.3F
  Encouragement Award Miss Satita Silakong Yr.3C
            Year 4-6
  1st Prize Miss Punyanuch Mitsumoto Yr.4E
  2nd Prize Miss Supanan Suphamittanon Yr.4D
  3rd Prize Mstr. Maythawin Thamsujaritkul Yr.4B
  Encouragement Award Miss Pandita Thawornkasem Yr.6C
  Encouragement Award Miss Kanokpit Ritprasert Yr.4C
Mother’s Day Card Designing Contest Using A Computer Programme
              Year 4
  1st Prize Miss Nunthicha Chompoonuch Yr.4D
  2nd Prize Miss Supanan Suphamittanon Yr.4D
             Year 5
  1st Prize Mstr. Jirachot Thamtaweechoke Yr.5C
  2nd Prize Miss Nutwarin Chaiprasitphon     Yr.5C
  3rd Prize Mstr. Kasidit Wongjitwuttikrai       Yr.5C
             Year 6
  1st Prize Mstr. Phudish Makaranan Yr.6B
  2nd Prize Mstr. Phettae Sroysaeng Yr.6B
 English Speech Contest
             Year 4
  1st Prize Miss Demisa Montana Yr.4A
             Year 5
  1st Prize Miss Napas Wutiwiwatchai Yr.5C
             Year 6
  1st Prize Miss Napas Wutiwiwatchai Yr.6C


Director PisutYongkamol’s Speech

on National Mother’s Day Activity, Academic Year 2017


           “ Good morning, all the mothers, the teachers and the students. Today the school organised Mother’s Day activity in order for us to express our loyalty and gratitude to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the queen of the late King Rama 9. Also, the activity encourages the students to display their talents on stage and provides the opportunity for many mothers to be close to their children.”

           When I was your age, I had to wait in the crowded road of Sathupradit and looked forward to welcoming the car parades of His Majesty the late King Rama 9 and his queen. At that time Sarasas Ektra School had not been established yet. The teachers of SarasasPittaya School took the students to wait to welcome the parades on both sides of the road. In the past there were canals and floating food shops (on rafts), which sold food that we can buy from convenience stores nowadays.Moreover, there was SoiWat Bhoman, which at present is called ‘SoiSathupradit 19’. Once the late King Rama 9 and his queen went to Wat BhomanKhunaramand that was the time I had an opportunity to see their faces, even though from far away. In my mind, I thought Her Majesty the Queen of Thai people was so beautiful. She was once appreciated by many countries from all over the world 40 years ago to be the world’s most beautiful woman. Now Her Majesty was old, so you ,little kids, do not have a chance to see her working hard. In contrast, your teachers and I,have witnessed how much Her Majesty has done for Thai people.

           For the teachers, I would like to remind you thatnow the nation does not have the foundation pole, and the students don’t see the foundation pole. We, as teachers, should make them see the importance of the foundation pole.  I also would like to leave you with some thoughts. Many of you haven’t become a mother yet. Some of you are still single. Some have grown-up kids. Think about when you were young and your mom taught you to love the queen, and to love your grandmothers. Please use that feeling to teach the students here.  This is because there is no book that can teach ‘motherhood’. We learn it from seeing their actions. Today I have seen male and female teachers who taught Thai musical instruments, dancing, and universal music came to prepare for the performances. Although some are male, we can call them ‘mothers’ Why? Because they are creators. They create ability in students. Many students did not know how to play music. They did not even touch the instruments before, but because of many masters (male teachers), the students can play the instruments. Some students didn’t know what the saxophone was and how it looked. Some had to take a long time in order to become a great drummer despite the fact that the drum was so big compared to them. Students, did you know that you have got everything today because your father and your mother have given you opportunities?By the way, the teacher’s role is to create knowledge and abilities in the students although there are a lot of things they don’t know, especially for Kindergarten students. This is the training for them. I would like to thank all of our Kindergarten teachers who have a great deal of patience. Today I would like to ask the teachers to show a lot of love and care for the students.

           The performances today have shown that the teachers have worked very hard. For example, in the English Speech Contest there were many students participated in the competition but the teachers have to select only the top three. This shows to me that you have worked hard. Thank you, all the teachers. I would like to cheer you up for the hard work you do, training the kids to be this good. Mother’s virtue was like one palm and the teachers’ virtue was like the other palm. Students, there are a lot of things you don’t know about your teachers and your mother.  These are all the thoughts I would like to leave you with today. Thank you, all the teachers, the mothers, and the students. Thank you very much.”


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National Mother’s Day 2017