National Mother’s Day Activity (Secondary)

              August 12th of each year is an important day of our nation. It is the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and also a national Mother’s Day. On this special occasion, we have an opportunity to express our gratitude to Her Majesty’s kindness to Thai people. Her Majesty is like a mother of the nation.Additionally, it is the special day that every kid should think about their own mother’s compassion and the importance of their mother. SarasasEktra’s Secondary Department organised the National Mother’s Day Activity on August 10th , 2017.

             To begin the ceremony, the director, the administrators, the representatives of Thai teachers, foreign teachers, and parents presented Phanphums in front of Her Majesty the queen and of King Rama IX’s image. Thenpraise for Her Majesty was read. Next, there werevarious activities from the students and the representatives of the mothers from our school.

             Firstly,they sang together in the song  “Rao-Ruk-Mae”. Then the representatives of the mothers delivered a speech and left some words of wisdom. After that the representatives of the students gave a speech in Thai under the topic “ To mom, With Love”, followed by a speech in English under the same topic. Another interesting performance was the musical show from the students in “Fortissimo Band”, the school’s band who won the second prize from the 7th “Botplengrak Tree of Love” Music Competition(Bangkok Qualifying Round). They performed the royal song “Sang Duen” (Magic Beams). Finally, there was a presentation showing the photos of a mother and child’s bond and impression under the theme  “The Most Memorable Selfie” and the photos from the “Singing Contest 2017”.

             In this Mother’s Day activity, the director gave the certificates to the students with different talents to encourage them to be determined and to keep developing their ability.

Below is the list of students who received the awards and certificates.
• The 14 th Petch Yod Mongkut Chinese Language Contest (International)
  Ms. Anchalee Rodsunthorm  
  1st Prize  
• The 7th “Botplengrak Tree of Love” Music Competition ( Bangkok Qualifying Round), held by the Royal Thai Army and PTT Public Company Limited
  1. Best Vocalist  
  Ms.Patrajaree Vanichvongvan  
2. Best Musician for Saxophone
  Mr.Phan Prarinyanusorn  
3. 2nd Place of Band Competition: Fortissimo Band
1. Ms.Yanin Prommachart 2. Ms.Supicha Waewworawit 3. Mstr.Titipong Satiansumrit
Yr.8A Yr.8A Yr.8A
Vocal Piano Drum Set
4. Mr. Phongsakorn Sathiramethakorn 5. Mr. Theerat Kiatthawornchai 6. Mr. Phan Prarinyanusorn
Yr.10C Yr.10C Yr.10F
Guitar Bass Saxophone
1. Lower-Secondary Level:
Ms. Nichapat Ratchanagoon Ms. Attisaya Akkaramas Ms. Chayuda Chaturongsumrit
Yr.9B Yr.9C Yr.8C
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Ms.Suchanuch Pojpathinya Ms.Teerata Visetjindawat  
Yr.9B Yr.9B  
Encouragement Awards: Encouragement Awards:  
2. Upper-Secondary Level:
Ms. Anika Sriamnat Mr. Phatthadol Kamonkhantithor Ms. Surang Wanichanan
Yr.12D Yr.11A Yr.12D
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
• Thai Essay Competition ( Lower-Secondary Level)
Ms. Pornmongkol Rattanasarun Ms. Chada Rapeethanathorn Ms. Surapha Upariphutthiphong
Yr.9A Yr.9A Yr.9B
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
• Poem Writing Contest under the Topic “ My Mom” ( Upper-Secondary Level)
Ms. Tassaporn Sukhumdhanakul Mr. Tarathorn Chuchaichokepaisarn Ms. Nalinchat Jiragoontansiri
Yr.11D Yr.12D Yr.11D
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
• Photo with Mother Contest under the Theme “The Most Memorable Selfie”
Mr. Dechanut Rapeethanathorn Ms. Nutthanicha Tewintarapakti Ms. Utaiwan Kiatpanya
Yr.10A Yr.10A Yr.10A
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Ms. Atikan Iamworakul Ms. Tasha Bertho  
Yr.10F Yr.10F  
4th Prize 5th Prize  


Director Pisut Yongkamol’s Speech

on National Mother’s Day Activity, Academic Year 2017

              “ Today is a good day, where we haveall experienced good things such as good words and speeches. We have received only good things today. Teachers and students, I would like to leave you with some life lessons.Firstly,“ Don’t judge people”. Sometimes friends make us angry. It’s possible that we don’t know and cannot feel their problems. They may have a health issue or they may face some kind of trouble. They may be suffering and thinking something over and be worried. So, please don’t judge others.

              Nowadays we are living the Zombie Culture, which is disguised in the social media world. At present we have seen a lot of drama happening around. Sometimes, we follow the trends of drama without knowing the facts, which one is true and which one is not. I would like to talk with the teachers about this. If the trend of the drama isn’t right, you should think about it carefully, whether we need to follow the wrong paths of those dramas.

              For boy students, when you have become one of Ektra students, please act like a gentleman, respecting the females, including your female friends and every female. Give them some respect. For girl students, the closest sources of learning are from your mother and your grandmother. For those who don’t have a mom or don’t live with your mom, you may always feel that you hate today the most. But don’t forget that you are the kids of Ektra, you run to your teachers since they are close to you the most. Don’t be afraid of the teachers. They are ready to be a father and a mother for every student.

              For the teachers, please be a father and a mother for the students as best as you can. Take care of them and also respect who they are. Don’t make all the decisionsfor them and don’t judge their future. Pay attention to them and take care of them as best as you can.

              Moreover, there is another important thing I would like to tell you. You should treasure your certificates well because each certificate has a good meaning and memories. Take care of them well. They will be good help for you in the future. If any of you haven’t got certificates yet, run towards them until you find your talents.  Don’t wait for them to come to you.

              Lastly, every student, remember that you have an ability in you. Run to find it and treasure it for your own future.”

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National Mother’s Day Activity