National Scouts Day 2017

          On Friday June 30th, 2017 Sarasas Ektra School held some activities to celebrate Thai National Scouts Foundation Day at the court in front of Dominic 1 Building, Primary Department. The aim of this activity was to honour His Majesty King Rama VI, the founder of the Thai Scouts and Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the world scouts.
          The activities organised were as follows. Firstly, boy and girl scouts from Yr.2 – Yr.9 paid homage to the image of King Rama VI, and then arepresentative from the teachers read the biography of Saint George who was the patron saint of scouting and a great example for all scouts. After that, the boy and girl scouts marched to show discipline, then they recited the scout promises. The “Precision Walk” show followed and the announcement of the winners of the marching contest concluded the activities.

Here are the results of the contest.
Marching Parade Contest
           First Prize Winners:
• Junior Boy Scouts Year 2 and Year 3 Troop
• Junior Girl Scouts Year 3 Troop
• Boy Scouts Year 6 Troop
• Girl Scouts Year 5 Troop
• Senior Boy Scouts Year 8 Troop
• Senior Girl Scouts Year 9 Troop


Director’s Speech

          “The marching parade signifies the harmony in living together of the boy and girl scouts in each patrol which consists of around 10 -20 students. Almost half of the boy and girl scouts in the parades have marched beautifully, gracefully, strongly and synchronously. There are some scouts who have not marched quite well, however, if we look through their eyes, we can feel the determination and concentration. We can see that the person’s shape and figure can create different ways of walking. Still, if we are patient and studious, doing things with all our hearts and minds, we will have a wonderful outcome.
          The teachers also have to train themselves to gain “experiences and skills” so they can “teach and tell” the techniques to the students. Finally, the teachers should suggest and compliment the students in order to encourage them to keep practising and continue doing good things.”


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National Scouts Day