Senior-Junior Relationship Bonding Activity

        On Wednesday July 5th  2017, Sarasas Ektra School’s Secondary Department organised the Senior-Junior Relationship Bonding Activity. This event has been held every year to pass on the beliefs and culture of Ektra from the seniors to the juniors.

   The activity was divided in separate bases as follows :

   First, the students were divided into their  4 houses colours and they participated in the activities as detailed below.
            House Colour 1 : Amethyst ,emphasizing on creating discipline in the juniors
            House Colour 2 : Emerald , challenging the students’  to be courageous
            House Colour 3 : Sapphire , focusing on creating harmony among the students
            House Colour 4 : Gold , encouraging students’ to be patient and determinedto get through various obstacles

     Then there was an activity called “Welcoming the Juniors, Bonding to Become One Ektra”, in which the seniors tied ribbons around the juniors’ wrists to wish them good luck. Last but not least, there was a musical performance by Year 12 students, giving the happiness to the juniors. The atmosphere of this activity was marked with fun, affection for one another, harmony, and helping one another, all of which signified camaraderie between the seniors and the juniors.

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Senior-Junior Relationship Bonding