Science Day Activities

             On 24th -25th  August 2017, Sarasas Ektra’s Science Department of Primary and Secondary organised Science Day Activities. The purpose of the activities was to honour His Majesty King Mongkut (Rama IV)’s scientific intelligence.  King Mongkut is recognised as the "Father of Science in Thailand”. Another purpose was to enable the students to realise the importance of science and technology. Additionally, the students were encouraged to participate in the event and to showcase their scientific talents. There were various activities held in the buildup of the event as detailed below.  
             Primary Department: Yr.1-Yr.3 students had an opportunity to observe their seniors doing scientific experiments, which helped them to enhance their scientific knowledge and encouraged them to develop their interest in science.
             Yr.4-Yr.6 students had a good time participating in several bases such as Elephant Toothpaste, Soul Sucker Bowl, Wonderful Soft Drink ,and CO2 in Bubble etc. Furthermore, there were some performances and interesting activities which included a "Vertebrate and Invertebrate Dance ,a drama about "Photosynthesis, and "Science Super Fan competition. Also, the students gained experiences from joining bases such as Enjoy Maker Space, Amazing Sound, and Science Lab.

             Secondary Department: There was an exhibition, which was categorized by each year level and was displayed in different zones. There was also a Science Project contest and all the booths had a visit from junior primary students from Yr.4-Yr.6 The activities held at Secondary are detailed below.

             Lower-Secondary (Yr.7-Yr.9): The event was held under St. John Bosco Bldg. There were some booths displaying students’ work from each year level as follows:
             - Yr. 7: There were simulated models shown such as Plant Cell Model, Animal Cell Model, and Functional Model of Internal Organs etc.
             - Yr. 8: Some scientific experiments were conducted such as Measuring the Quality of Water, and Nutritional Experiments.
             - Yr. 9: There were some inventions using motors such as How to Make an Aeroplane/ Helicopter Using Motor, Hydraulic Truck, Make a Vacuum Cleaner Using Motor etc.

             Additionally, the students’ STEM Projects about science innovation were showcased at the exhibition, which displayed different invention from reusing and recycling materials for use in daily lives such as flowerpots made from coffee and coconuts residue, and herbal balm etc. Furthermore, it was an honour for school that BIOTHAI Foundation came to hold an exhibition at school about Safe Food and organised some fun activities for the students.

          Upper-Secondary (Yr.10-Yr.12):  The activities were organised under St. John Baptist Bldg. There were presentations and demonstrations in several zones as detailed below.

          - Energy : "The Dust Eater”, "Automatic Fish Aquarium”
          - Natural Science : "Herbal Gel”, "Natural Soap”
          - Innovations : "Automatic Watering System”
          - Science Products : "The Water Bin”
          - Creative Idea : "Electricity from Thermoelectric Module”, "Projectile Shooting Machine” etc.

    The chairperson gave certificates to the following students who won the prizes in the competition as follows:
       • The 13th Petch Yod Mongkut Science Contest (Yr.7-9 Level)
           Encouragement Awards:
    1. Miss Thitaree Jirapattanapong 2. Miss Patnarin Charoenchitrwattana 3. Mstr. Pacharapong Ingpanya
    Yr.8A Yr.9A Yr.9B
       • Science Project Competition
           Lower-Secondary Level (Yr.7-9)
           1. Gold Medal for Science Project Competition
             - For Yr.7 Level, the winner was from Yr. 7D for their Plant Cells Project. The members of the winning group are listed below.
      1. Miss Amiri Aoyagi  
      2. Miss Nutcha Marleson  
      3. Miss Gornganok Limpayaraya  
      4. Miss Punnapa Varapanyanon  
      5. Mstr. Pana Lewampan  
      6. Mstr. Atsada Wuttiwongkot  
             - For Yr. 8 Level, the winner was from Yr.8A for their Measuring the Quality of Water Project. The members of the winning group are listed below.
      1. Miss Anna Benjapibal  
      2. Miss Lucksika Kiatthawornchai  
      3. Miss Kessara Sanguanvorapong  
      4. Miss Thitaree Jirapattanapong  
      5. Miss Kuntharinee Jenjaratchot  
      6. Miss Marissara Jongnarangsin  
             - For Yr.9 Level, the winner was from Yr.9A for their Ektra Universe Project. The members of the winning group are listed below.
      1. Mstr. Metasit Bernard Makarasara Vinton  
      2. Miss Pakjira Tanatthakorn  
      3. Miss Pornmongkol Rattanasarun  
      4. Miss Empa Rojritthakorn  
      5. Miss Kanyarat Chaithanakawin  
      6. Miss Maneethip Chatchalermwit  
           - Furthermore, the winner ( who received a gold medal) from STEM Project Competition was from Yr. 8E for their Stove Cancer Decrease Project. The members of the winning group are listed below.
      1. Mstr. Nichol Tomas  
      2. Mstr. Napat Tangcharoennurak  
      3. Mstr. Chayapat Adsavawongvaikit  
      4. Mstr. Teethut Lertsaksereekul  
      5. Mstr. Thammawit Akaranunthanakij  
      6. Mstr. Wittawin Phuengton  
      7. Mstr. Ronnakrit Nithithongsakul  
      8. Mstr. Suwachat Janwantanagul  
      9. Mstr. Settanon Kulvipachwatana  
           Upper-Secondary Level (Y.10-12)
               Silver Medal for Science Project Competition
                  The winner was from Yr.10A for their Aloe Vera Healing Gel Project. The members of the winning group are listed below.
      1. Mr. Supawut Changwangprang  
      2. Miss Thanunyapa Thanapinunchai  
      3. Miss Nitchisa Hansachainan  
      4. Miss Kanvara Pravitpinyo  
      5. Miss Utaiwan Kiatpanya
      6. Miss Rinrada Chongsomsuk  
                  • Drawing and Colouring Contest under the Theme "Future World”
    Miss Kirinee Wannavatakul Mstr. Phuri Sottatipreedawong Mstr. Bhumbhasin Limchanapa
    Yr.7A Yr.9C Yr.7B
    1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize

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