Summer Camp 2017 (Primary Department)

             SarasasEktra’s Primary Department organised a Summer Camp for 2017. There were for students from KG.3 to Yr.6 and was held from March 27th to April 28th, 2017.There were various activities in the camp which enabled the students to gain new and firsthand experiences inside and outside the classroom. The students were also academically prepared for next semester’s Thai and English subjects.There weresome highlights on learning support activities as detailed below:

             - Learning outside the Class
             The students had opportunities to practisetheir mathematical skills in a simulation platform, which included buying and selling at the “Ektra Shop” and learning how to do their banking at the “Ektra Bank”. Furthermore, they practisedhow to create an Income&Expense Summary. Additionally, there were some activities, which helped develop the students’ scientific skills such as a Science Caravan led by warm and lovely staff from NSM (National Science Museum). Finally, there was a field trip for Y.4-Y.6 students to the Bangkok Planetarium at the Science Centre for Education.



Ektra Shop & Ektra Bank

Bangkok Planetarium


             - Cultural Day Activities
             Each class learnt English under the theme ‘It's a Small World’. Each class was given a country from around the world, where all the subjects were integrated under their selected country.
             Through joining the activities in the different bases, the students gained more knowledge about their country and their national anthem, costumes, flags, animals, and sports competitions etc.


Cultural Day


             - M.I. Activities (Multiple Intelligences Clubs)
             There were various interesting M.I.s (clubs) for the kids to choose. For the students who chose Computer, Sports and Photo, they continually learnt their chosen M.I. throughout the summer in order to enhance their proficiency.
             For Cooking, Science, Pop up Books, D.I.Y., and Cinema, the students were rotated to study in all of these bases. This was to help them find themselves and discover their intelligence(s).




             - Mini Concert (SummerMusic Camp 2017)
             Showing their talents and musical intelligence, the students who enrolled in Music Courses performed using traditional Thai musical instruments as well as universal musical instruments, individually and in a band. The parents had a chance to attend the Mini Concert to see their child’s musical development.


Mini Concert


             - Swimming Course
             Not only did the students improve and strengthen their swimming ability such as diving, and basic swimming strokes, but they also learnt to help themselves and practisesome other skills in order to swim properly. Additionally, they had fun playing water games and activities.


Swimming Course


             - Imagination Course
             The students had opportunities to make their own handicrafts in different patterns and styles. This helped boost their concentration, creativity and imagination. They had a great time painting cloth bags, decorating stones and flowerpots, making gel candles, creating hats, and designing the patterns ofthe shelves etc.


Imagination Course


             - Wheels Ahead Camp
             This camp was for Y.1-Y.3 students to learn English with foreign teachers. They had great fun practising English by doing multifarious activities under the theme “Stepping into Seasons”, which included building a snowman, making and decorating cards and making a sea model usingdyed sand etc. Also, the students gained experiences and knowledge from learning outside the class by visiting Kidzania and Snow Town.


Wheels Ahead Camp


             - Full Steam Camp
             Designed for Y.4-Y.6 students, this was the English Camp instructed by foreign teachers. The students considerably developed their English language skills through numerous activities under the theme “Adventure and Camping” such as inventing gliders, tying rope knots, building tents and preparing food for camping etc. The kids also went on the school’s trips to Dinosaur Planet and BOUNCE Thailand where they greatly learned and had a wonderful time.


Full Steam