Volunteering Activities : Seniors help Juniors

          The Student Council members and volunteer students from Year 6 participate in Volunteering Activities: Seniors help Juniors. One purpose of the activities is to create a good relationship between the seniors and the juniors. The other goal is to encourage them to sacrifice their time and energy in order to help others. The students organise their duties and take turn taking care of their juniors - kindergarteners - in the morning from Monday to Friday. There are three volunteer groups according to the activities as detailed below.

          1. Welcoming the Juniors Group: From 7.15 - 8.00 am, the seniors welcome the kindergarteners and take care of them under the building. After that they take their juniors up to their classes.

          2. Feeding the Juniors Group: The group helps the teachers feed their little juniors and takes care of them during lunch. This activity will not affect their study since the juniors’ lunch time matches their Yr.6 break time.

          3. Cleaning Group: The seniors help to clean the tables and the floor after the juniors finish their lunch.

          There have been a lot of Yr.6 students applying to join this volunteering activity, as they realise the importance of helping one another and the merits of sacrifice. School aims to instill these morals in the students so that they will grow up to be adults who do beneficial things for the community and the country.

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