The Leadership Development Camp (Year 11 Camp)

             The Leadership Development Camp is an annual event for Year 11 students. Six months of preparation precede the camp, requiring students to plan activities that develop leadership training and the ability to work in teams, and allocate fund-raising activities among students in the six months prior to the camp. Some of these activities include design of products and collecting plastic bottles for sale, as well as busking (playing music in public for small donations). Some sponsors were also generous in support.

             Finally, in the weeks of 3-9 November 2019, students in Yr.11 in Batch 22 had the opportunity to experience the real situation together. From the day of departure from Bangkok students were very excited and had much fun because this was the first time they had travelled by train together. Many students were unable to sleep.

            After arriving in Chiang Mai, the first task that the Batch 22 students had to accomplish was learning how to make products at Wang Thakarn Museum. Students were divided into four bases, as follows:
             1.Key chain from scrap fabric 2. Herbal compress ball 3. Weave a rice box from palm leaves 4. Yi Peng lantern (Lanna lantern)
             Teaching was by village elders. Many things took a long time to become a finished piece. Students kept their own work. They also learned to be patient and realized that to make something is not an easy task. It takes time and they will never succeed without effort.

            After that, students went to their allocated schools in Mae Wang District, Chiang Mai province. There were four schools: Watsirichainimit School, Wat Huay Kaew School, Ban Lao Pa Fang School and Wat Tung Sala Each school had three days to do activities in each of the following areas:
                 - Teaching, students transferred their own knowledge and experiences to young children by teaching English, Mathematics and Science. They learned the way of being a teacher. Although it was hard and tiring, the students could feel the love the young children gave them.
                 - Improving the landscape within the school. For example, painting the blackboards, painting the school fence, painting the stadium floor, and making a vegetable garden on the first day. Before doing these things, thought they would be difficult, but by helping each other and working as a team, they were able to complete the tasks successfully, so that they felt pride in their achievements.
                 -Recreational activities (friendly sport match) - sport matches are held between schools. This is a really great part of the camp. It becomes a chance of children from different schools to get to know each other, make friends, and learn how to live together well.

             Furthermore, the camp provided scholarships for the four schools, 5000 Baht for each school and scholarships for lunch of 5000 Baht to each school as well as sport equipment donated through sponsorship from various companies. Other donated items included clothes, dolls, handmade books, handmade notebooks, toys and stationery.

             The special benefits the students got from the Leadership Camp were getting experience in living in the houses of host families, getting to know parents, eating dinner together and learning how to make local food. Some houses were high up the mountains. The total number of more than 22 families made our students feel full with delicious food and students will have stories to tell for a long time.

             The activities that occurred during this camp created leadership, sacrifice, patience, happiness, fatigue, laughing, and crying, but students believe that this will be a memorable and impressive story that will never be forgotten by these students following Batches.

             In addition, Sarasas Ektra School would like to thank the organizations and related persons who supported Secondary School Camps in the academic year 2019 as follows: 1. Public Hit company 2. Epson (Thailand) Company Limited 3. Lactasoy Company Limited 4. Amata Lamp Company 5. Wichit Printing Limited 6. Chia Tai Limited 7. CompaxWorld by ASAHI TRAVEL SERVICE CO., LTD 8. Good World Limited 9. BSC Cosmetology Cosmetics product by ICC International Limited (Public Company Limited) 10. Chonchalearn Groups Company 11. H. O. D. Import Company Limited And all parents of the students in Yr.11, Batch 22.

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