Cultural Exchange activity in Music and Dance

             Teachers from Bukit Timah Primary School, Singapore, brought 41 students to Ektra to participate in a cultural exchange activity in Music and Dance at Sarasas Ektra School between 18-19 November 2019.
             During the two days of activities students gained a lot of experience from workshop groups in Music and Dance. Our students in the Dance group performed the Bamboo Dance and taught their friends from Singapore learned how to wear Thai village costumes and practice Thai dances. Some felt shy to begin with, but after a while they performed well. The Bamboo Dance is one that requires concentration so as not to get your legs caught by the bamboo poles. The Singapore students performed Western-style dances and everyone joined in the fun.
             After practicing in the morning, students in the Symphonic Band and Ektra Chorus Band joined with the Brass Band from Singapore to perform the songs ‘Melting Pot’ and ‘Stand by Me’ . It was a perfect cultural mix for students from both countries.
             Before the activity finished, students brought souvenirs to give to each other. They included key chains, chocolates, books, pencils, etc. Some students exchanged Facebook, Instagram addresses to contact one another. Even though the activity is over, Friendships among them will continue.


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Cultural Exchange activity
in Music and Dance