Day Camp Activity


           On October 2, 2019 Kindergarten Department together with foreign teachers in Yr.1 organized ‘Day Camp’ activity under the theme of ‘Blast off into Year 1’ for students in KG3 to continually improve their use of English, build good relationships among students and get to know foreign teachers in Yr.1 .
           The activity started with the ‘Body Combat’ dancing exercise. Then there as an award ceremony for students who had won prizes in the ‘Think Fast Math Competition’. Following this, students in each room rotated through seven base activities such as Space food (cooking), Climbing wall, Rope swinging, Astronaut ID (Writing exercise), Space shakers (Music & Movement), Space jam (Music & Dance) and Astronaut hop (Game). Throughout these activities students had fun and were filled with happiness.




List of students in KG.3 level who received awards

from the ‘Think Fast Math Competition’
  Miss Twanrat Saitay  
  The first winner : ( 0.14 minutes )  
  Miss Arada Limsala  
  The 1st runner up: ( 0.17 minutes )  
  Mstr. Chamnan Kongpirom  
  The 2nd runner up: ( 0.19 minutes )  
Mstr. Warawut Virunchaichot Mstr. Hyung Jun Yang Miss Ramita Kulkumpol
Honorable mention: ( 0.21 minutes ) Honorable mention: ( 0.21 minutes ) Honorable mention: ( 0.21 minutes )



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Day Camp