Farewell activities for Year 12 students.

            After studying and doing many activities throughout the 2019 academic year, finally the Yr.12 students, Batch 21 arrived at their last activity inside the school. This was the Piñata and Building Farewell activity” to create something that has meaning to younger students, itself an important activity for students in Batch 21.  

            What is the meaning of the Piñata game? It is part of Sarasas Ektra School culture and occurs only once a year after Yr.12 students finish their final exams. It provides an opportunity to talk with and say farewell to younger students. The highlight of this game is the candy army which is contained inside colourful wrappers. The sweetness of the candy symbolises love, the generosity of teachers and friends and of brothers and sisters that the senior students would like to pass on to all the younger students.  

            Before the day, Yr.12 students have designed, produced and purchased the activity-related products together with teachers until they have the main happiness boxes representing each Colour House surrounded by little candies which are ready to be blessed with happiness for younger students.  

            On 26 February, the day of the Pinyata had come. The first impression was to see smiling Yr.1 students who were waiting for senior students. Younger students held senior students’ hands going up to the front door of the Auditorium which was wide open, along with different colour flags from Yr.5 and Yr.10 students who were waiting to welcome them. Yr. 6 and Yr.11 students followed with loud acclaim to senior students. 

The formalities of the activity are as follows:

            1. Handing over the Animals’ Heads, Colour flags and Colour Files. This is like a formal transfer of duties to young students to go on developing Ektra. 

            2. Farewell speech from younger student representatives and teachers who have taught the Yr. 12s in all year levels, and administrators' blessings 

            3. Delivering happiness from the candy armies which the seniors sprinkle to younger students. If comparing to feelings, one could say ‘the taste of many delicious sweets is not comparable to the feelings of young students that spread throughout the event on that day.  

            The important part of the way through the Piñata was not over yet. Yr.12 students gradually walked down from the Auditorium to reach another destination that was for ‘Planting a tree’, together with teachers and administrators, The tree of Batch 21 is ‘Polyscias’ or ‘Krut nail’ which symbolises protection and disaster prevention.  The activities in the morning session ended by offering flowers and singing the prayer to St. Dominico and Mother Mary as an auspicious blessing for the students.      

             The time of joy and fun passed so quickly until the evening time of the day before the beginning of Building Farewell. The Secondary teachers gave a big present to this batch by preparing the bases for ‘Testing your willingness’. Although students already knew there must be something they couldn’t help feeling excited when the time had come. All bases were prepared to convey the obstacles in life which must be faced and overcome to reach their dreams. To reach their life destinations they had to travel through the following bases: 1. Tasting four flavours of water 2. Big Stones 3. Little Stones 4. Coconut palm leaf stalk 5. Rose petals. This activity delighted both the ones who prepared it and all the students.    

             Then “Everything has an end” finally arrived the next day in the period of Building farewell which the school organized for the students to say farewell to the buildings, classrooms, teachers, and friends. They all spent the last part of the day to say that we still have good memories and will always be a part of  Sarasas Ektra School.



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