Ektra Brethren Relationship Activity, the 6th in academic year 2019

             On June 7, 2019 Sarasas Ektra School organized the Ektra Brethren Relationship project, the sixth for 2019, at the Secondary Department. The purpose is to build good and close relationships between senior and junior generations and to develop the potential of yr. 12 students in management and leadership. The school and teachers organized the following activities.

             Seniors (Yr. 12 students) led juniors (Yrs. 7 and yr.10 students) in their houses (colours) Emerald, (green), Gold (yellow), Amethyst (purple) and Sapphire (blue) in an activity called “Brethren unite as one heart..Ektra” in which yr.12 students tied bands they had woven on the wrists of junior students and brought them to their own color house to watch the Haka Dance by Yr. 12 representative students. They then went to the Base activities which emphasized on “Apology, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation” as well as “Stop Bullying” and “No Hate Speech”. The final activity was a musical performance by Yr.12 students in an atmosphere full of fun, with students helping each other, manifesting good relationships among Ektra Brethren.


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Ektra Brethren Relationship