M.I. Activity


           Sarasas Ektra School has adopted the Multiple Intelligences theory (M.I.) of Professor Howard Gardner, Harvard University. It has become an essential part of student development activities in the belief that ‘every student has different abilities’. In the 2019 academic year the school has organized the ‘Multiple Intelligences Academic Fair 2019’ for students to demonstrate their work and their abilities to friends and parents who attended, with details as follows:


Primary-Secondary Department

          This activity was held over five days during 6 – 13 February 2020. Students were separated into year levels from Year 5 to Year 12 to demonstrate their works and M.I. abilities on each day. Young students in Y. 3-4 also participated in the event to find information for making decisions in choosing their M.I. for the next academic year. As for the highlights of this year’s M.I. event, there were many interesting activities, such as;

          1. The “Young Ektra Master Chef 2019: The Best Western Main Course” competition, in which the Ektra Alumnus, Batch 8, Mr. Chatchawut Prathumnakul joined the judging committees and demonstrated cooking techniques for which he received an award for third highest score in the Thailand National Culinary Team: Junior Chef Category, 2011.


Young Ektra MasterChef 2019


            2. Futsal competition in Primary level between Sarasas Ektra School and Sarasas Witaed Saimai School




          3. Providing income to help Australia due to the forest fire crisis, and the Philippines from the Volcanic eruption by setting up donation boxes and organizing activities to raise money after deduction of expenses for those countries, such as selling beverages, food, products from M.I. groups and taking photos from Photo Studio




          4. Students presented their works which were awarded in each M.I.


Linguistic & Visual-Spatial

Mathematical -Logical



          5. The Symphonic Band performance reached the Semi-Final round in the International woodwind and brass wind instruments competition of Thailand to win the King’s Trophy of the year 2020 in the category of “Thailand International Wind Symphony Competition 2020” at Mahidol University. The final will be held on 30 March 2020







Kindergarten Department

          The activities of M.I. students in KG.3 were organized under the theme of “Explore the Universe: KG.3 Space Academy’ at the Auditorium, Bldg.6, 4th floor for parents to watch children’s performances on the stage, including Thai dance, Sports, Maths, Art, Dance, Drama, Science, MC, Music Band/Choir and Phonics, in which all children intended to show their work to impress their parents.