National Children’s Day Activity

            Sarasas Ektra School organized a ‘National Children’s Day’ activity on Friday 10 January with the motto Modern Thai Children know love and unity and know the duties of Thai citizens

            School would like to thank our alumnus ‘Pete’, Mr. Warat Preedanon, who gave up his time to perform an exciting magic show for young children. 

            Next was the Hip Hop dance show by students in ‘The Kidz’ band who won First Prize for teams under 12 years of age in the dance competition at the UDO World Championships, 2019 in England in August and were the winners as ‘the Super Kids’ at the A.G.C World Championship, 2019 in Seoul in October. 

            Most importantly, we thank all the kind teachers who brought cute gifts such as dolls, toys and sweets to draw as lucky chances for students.





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National Children’s Day