October Camp 2019

                 Sarasas Ektra School organized the following October Camps from the 7th to the 11th of October for students to expand their knowledge and use their free time to their advantage.


Kindergarten Department

     1. First Steps (Magical Colours)

                 This was a Preparatory Camp for both current and new students to learn basic adjustment skills and prepare for the second semester. The activities included drawing, coloring, making collages and headbands from flowers, science experiments and exploring the nature around them. They did a walking tour around the school, visited the ‘Ektra Veggie Garden’ at the Secondary campus and grew some vegetables.


First Steps (Magical Colours)

     2.  Think Fast (Back to Nature)

                 Think Fast (Back to Nature) camp for KG. 1 – 3 students was a camp to develop students’ potential through activities that focuses on nature, agricultural innovation and helping to save the world through activities such as making flower pots from coffee grounds, making frames from natural materials, drawing and coloring pictures, growing ‘Sethi Reaun Nok tree’, making baked rice balls, painting fabric bags from flowers and explore nature within the school. In addition, there were field trips to the Agricultural Museum, Chalerm Phrakiat, Khlong Laung District, Pathum Thani Province and Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park.


Think Fast (Back to Nature)

     3.  English Camp (Into the Ocean)

                 The English Development Camp with foreign teachers was conducted for KG 1 – 3 students through learning activities about marine animals, Fish conservation and ways to help to preserve the  environment through activities such as learning how to separate plastic waste, vocabulary related to the sea, making paper turtles, singing songs and watching cartoons about the world under the sea. In addition, it also increased mathematical skills, logical thinking and counting and grouping numbers. There were field trips to the Bangkok Aquarium, Kasetsart University, Bang Khen Campus and the ‘Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World’ at Siam Paragon.


English Camp (Into the Ocean)

     4. Art  for Kids

                 Students in KG.1 – 3 levels created art in the form of line drawing, coloring, mixing colors to strengthen concentration, creativity and imagination, painting clocks, bags, hats, and coloring Dinosaur pictures.


Art  for Kids

Primary Department

     1.  Back to Nature Camp (Down on the Farm)

                 This camp enabled students in Yrs.1-3 to have fun with nature through learning activities such as 1) My green farm, 2) Farmyard adventure, 3) Jam and Jive, 4) Leaf craft and family photo, 5) Nature toys, and 6) Good & Healthy drinks. Students made paper from plants, grew Mini gardens, made picture frames, banana and strawberry shakes, collages from dried leaves etc., and also went to the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium at Chattuchak, and the Mini Maurah farm, Chachoeng Sao Province to learn and study about farm systems and animal life.


Back to Nature Camp

     2.  Back to Nature Camp (Think Green Save Blue)

                 Yrs.4-6 students Camp was a learning camp which touched on nature as well as cultivating conservation and the environment through learning activity Bases such as follows:

                     (1) Artist Base, creating natural art works such as painting fabric bags from flowers;
                     (2) Young Chefs Base, cooking healthy food, e.g. Salad rolls, Herbs Bau-loy and fried vegetables;
                     (3) Little Biologists Base, learning about plant cells by microscope, and
                     (4) Products Design Base, making containers from natural materials such as banana leaves etc. and learning more through field trips to Bang Sue Environmental Education and Conservation Learning Center, Chattuchak, and Sireerukkhachati Nature Learning Park, Mahidol University, Nakhorn Pathom Province and the ‘Baan Kong Por’ Sufficiency Economy Learning Center, Ayuthaya Province.


Back to Nature Camp

Secondary Department

     1.  Happy Wanderer Returns Camp (Let the Adventure Begin!)

                 Yr. 7-10 students organized the ‘Happy Wanderer Returns Camp’ (Let the Adventure Begin!) at the Fountain Tree Resort, Pakchong, Nakhorn Ratchasima Province for three days and two nights (7-9 October, 2019). Students traveled around and studied nature and agriculture from real locations such as animal farms and gardens based on the sufficiency economy model, and relaxed in the midst of nature. After that they had fun through the ‘Walk Rally & Team Building’ activities from the adventure bases and participated in the Cowboy Night Party activities, watching the impressive Cowboy and Red Indian Shows.


Happy Wanderer Returns Camp

     2.  Debate Workshop Camp

                 Secondary Department had the honor from Miss Thippaya Peungchareonkul,an alumnus of Sarasas Ektra School Batch 13, GAC Batch 1 and Ektra Debate Club Batch 1, has accomplished debate session in foreign countries. Ms. Pitchaya becomes the first Thai lady who is selected to deliver a speech in the graduation day of University of London. Besides, she was a university’s representative and represented Thailand in the 14th ASEAN+3 Educational Forum and Young Speaker Contest held in Indonesia. In 2014, Ms. Pitchaya was invited to be a debate guest trainer to be the speaker to mentor the Ektra Debate Club in the Debate Workshop  from the 9th to the 11th of October. The purpose was to improve debating students’ skills. They learned about the structure of a debate and researching techniques and practiced debating. A committee of Foreign and Thai teachers gave feedback and compliments in order to improve for the next competition.


Debate Workshop 

     3. Music Camp

                 Secondary Department organized the Musical training camp during 7- 11 and 15-18 October - a total of nine days - for students in Symphonic Band, Chorus Band, Jazz Band and String Band to strengthen their musical skills, increase their knowledge and capability to their full potential and to be ready for the national and international musical competitions in the future.


October Music Camp