Meeting of Parents in Secondary Department

             On Saturday, June 1 2019 the school organized new students and parents meetings at Yrs. 7-12 level in order to create an understanding of the school’s teaching and learning system, bilingual education courses and subject content as well as school policies and regulations. The activity was divided into two rounds - morning and afternoon - the details of which are as follows:

Morning round: parents of new students in Yrs. 7-9 and old students in Yr. 7

             Parents watched a presentation about summer school and listened to lectures from both Foreign and Thai administrators. These were about (a) cooperation between school and parents in developing discipline and pastoral care at school, (b) developing English Language potential and measuring results in foreign teacher courses, (c) developing academic potential guidelines for evaluation and assessment, and (d) promotion of aptitude and ability of students according to the theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Afternoon round: parents of new students in Yrs. 10-11 and old students in Yr. 10

             In this round, administrators spoke to parents about preparing students for admission to higher education and English language development potential for future educational pathways.

             In addition, the school was honored by The Capwise Exam Centre, who gave a lecture and guidance on BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) and preparation for the entrance examination to the Faculty of Medicine.

             The school would like to thank the parents who have attended these parents’ meetings. Your co-operation is really appreciated and we sincerely hope to receive such a good response as this in the upcoming academic year.


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Morning round

Afternoon round