‘Silpa Bhirasri Day’ Activity

             On September 13, 2019, the Secondary Department organized the ‘Silpa Bhirasri Day activity to commemorate Professor Silpa Bhirasri, the Father of the Art Community and the founder of Silpakorn University and to enable students to express their ideas and imagination through creative art at the St. John Bosco building.

             On this occasion, Mr. Stephen Carter, Global Sales & Marketing Director from the CATS & CSVPA was the keynote speaker at the Logo Design Workshop for the students in the M.I. Art & Design group and another 25 students in Yr.7 – Yr.12 who were interested. He also visited the various booths of the students.

             In the afternoon, students in the M.I. Art & Design group presented their works to students in Yr.6 MI. Art who visited this event because this group of students has the aptitude for and interest in the same things.


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‘Silpa Bhirasri Day’ Activity