Sports Carnival 2019

           Every year since our establishment, Sarasas Ektra School has organized  Sports Carnival activities for students to compete in their athletic skills as well as their kindness, forgiveness and sportsmanship. The Sports Carnival also creates unity among students. For the 2019 academic year School conducted competitions in various interesting activities, as follows:


- Kindergarten Department (NC. – Y.1)

           The activities were held at the Auditorium, 6th building, 4th floor, on 13 January 2020. They included games between students and parents in NC. – KG.2 consisting of nine teams, namely Blue, Red, White, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Light Blue and Purple. The KG.3 – Y.1Level games were held on 14 January 2020, divided into four teams: Green (Emerald), Yellow (Gold), Purple (Amethyst) and Light Blue (Sapphire). Activities also included an Aerobics performance by student representatives in KG.3 level and a marching competition for each color in Y.1. Then the games were played by both students and parents, the winning team receiving Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively with Trophies as follows:

1.  The best house decoration award                                              Amethyst
2.  The best house cheerleading award                                          Sapphire
3.  The most organized and co-operative house award                  Emerald
4.  The overall winner of the Sports games award                         Gold


- Primary - Secondary Department (Y.2 – Y.12)

           The competition started in December 2019. The committees organized futsal, basketball, darts, volleyball, table tennis, chair ball and swimming. On January 15, 2020 a running competition, Ektrathon, was held including teams of foreign and Thai teachers. There was also the Ektra Family Run, a team type contest that included students in Y.2 – Y.12 in the same team, a 50 meters running competition, and the first round of the Tug-of -War competition.

           January 17 was the opening day of the Sports Carnival. It began with a parade of the four colors, Green (Emerald), Yellow (Gold), Purple (Amethyst) and Light Blue (Sapphire).  Each color was honored to include parents dressed in beautiful costumes and who participated in the parade with students. Next, was the Salsa, the Haka, cheer leaders, the final round of the Tug-of-War, Foreign and Thai teachers performances, and more. After that the President presented the Trophy to the winning Color team. Then followed the Closing ceremony of the Sports Carnival.

Trophy summary for the Sports Carnival in the Academic year, 2019
       1.  The Color team that can invite Parents and Alumni to attend the activity the most
1.1  Parents is          Gold    .  There were 112 participants
1.2 Alumni is            Amethyst     and      Sapphire     There were 26 participants in each team


       2.  Outstanding person
2.1 Outstanding as President of Color is     
  Miss Kanokkorn Jaruwattanawong  
2.2  Outstanding Color teachers (Foreign + Thai) are                   Gold
2.3  Best Team Cooperation (Foreign + Thai) is            Amethyst
2.4  Excellent Athletes:
2.4.1  Primary/Male is
2.4.2  Primary/Female is
Mstr. Pannatorn Tanikchokkobkul Miss Sajipanan Phachiraratsakul
Y.6F   Y.6E
Emerald   Emerald
2.4.3  Secondary/Male is 
2.4.4  Secondary/Female is
Mr. Attapol Yonsopon Miss Sarin Amantakul
Y.10C   Y.8D
Gold   Emerald

3. The winning award of marching competition               Gold
4.  The winning award of Salsa competition               Emerald
5.  The winning award of Haka competition              Amethyst
6.  The winning award of parade competition              Amethyst
7.  The winning award of Color House decoration            Gold     and     Amethyst
8.  The winning award of leaders              Amethyst
9.  The winning award of cheerleading              Emerald
10.  The winning award of teacher performance               Gold
11.  The winning award of total sports              Amethyst
12.  The winning award of Tug-of -War, parents and alumni              Sapphire
13.  Award plaque for the Tug-war competition             Sapphire
14.  Award plaque for total scores              Amethyst




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Sports Carnival



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