Student Council Election for the Academic year 2019

             On Monday 8 July the Secondary Department organized the Student Council Election for the Academic year 2019 for students to know about the participation and democracy and learn how to be a leader. Details are as follows:

Election results
             First was ‘No. 1 - Ektra’s Guardians’ with 245 votes
             Second was ‘No. 3 - Ektra 101 Party’ with 184 votes
             Third is ‘No. 4 - Ektra 4 You Party’ with 79 votes

The President of Student council in the Secondary Department for the academic year 2019 is
Miss Rinrada Chongsomsuk Y.12A


             Next, the presidents of students and student council in the academic year 2019 held the pledging ceremony and received their positions on Thursday 1 August 2019 with Ms. Bussararat Kietpermpoon, Vice Director, who was the president of the ceremony. The former Student president of the Secondary Department for 2018, Mr. Thanakorn Jangboon congratulated the appointees and encouraged younger students. In this academic year the student council will work with the students’ representatives from Y.5 and Y.6 who have been selected from the student leadership development project in Y.5 and Y.6. These projects are beneficial to the school and foster the important skills required of a citizen in the 21st century.


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Student Council Election