The King’s Music Memorial Day Concert: From Twilight Till Dawn

             On 23 August 2019 Sarasas Ektra School organized “The King’s Music Memorial Day Concert : From Twilight Till Dawn’, a performance by the students of the School Band at the Auditorium on the 4th floor, Bldg 6.

             This event was held to promote the students’ musical talents according to the Multiple Intelligences theory which the school always uses in its teaching and learning and in actual performance on the stage.

Nine songs written by King Rama IX were performed. They were arranged in the style of Thai musical band, String band, Chorus and Jazz band, Symphonic band and lead singer, and Orchestral band mixed with Thai musical band and lead singer.

             The songs that were played were ‘Love at sundown’, ‘Lullaby’, ‘Twilight’, ‘I never dream’, ‘Never mind the hungry men blues’, ‘Magic Beams’, ‘No Moon’, ‘Near Dawn’, and ‘The Ultimate Dream’. The song ‘Magic Beams’ was performed by Mr. Apiwat Khuntaed, Ektra alumnus, who sang with younger students. Administrators and teacher representatives from 25 Sarasas Affiliated schools together with parents attended the event to watch the potential of the students in readiness for the next competition.

             With regards to the donations collected from our recent concert, the school will now combine the total amount of donations and income recieved (after deducting expenses which dont include Auditorium electricity, cleaning service staff compensation and traffic staff services) at the total of 41,921 Baht with the collection (after deducting expenses) from the donation boxes for the Yr.11 Potential Development Camp activity and Christmas Shows 2019 which will be held in second semester. The money from these 3 activities will be donated to purchase medical equipment to Siriraj Hospital in the early 2020


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The King’s Music
Memorial Day Concert