Feast Day and Wai Kru Day Activity for the Academic year 2019

             Sarasas Ektra School organized the Feast Day and Wai Kru Day Activity for the Academic year 2019 for students to show respect and gratitude to Mother Mary and Saint Dominico Savio for protection to administrators, teachers, students, and personnel in the school and to remember the graciousness of our teachers. This maintains a good Thai tradition.

             The Kindergarten Department held their activity on Thursday 13 July. The Primary and Secondary Departments held theirs the following Thursday. This year we were honored to have Father Pranomkorn Sangawong to preach and give advice to students. Student leaders then gave the pledge, followed by a performance of the play “Mary Mcphee”, the Ektra Sax Quartet band, a hand washing ceremony, and award ceremony for students who received scholarships and various awards. In addition, alumni representatives also joined the activity along with offering garlands to administrators. Finally, students all together sang the song ‘Prakun Thi Sam and the Royal Anthem.

The Speech of Father Pranomkorn Sangawong

             Jesus taught us not to be selfish, to know to share. Jesus shared by multiplying five loaves of bread to some groups of 50 persons, some 100 persons, depending on the number of people. Jesus was the model of kindness and unselfishness. A philosopher once said that in this world no one is poor until they cannot give anything to anyone. Sharing is not necessarily the only good thing. There is also compassionate action, giving time, giving opportunity, giving respect, sympathy, friendship and mutual respect. Today, the word of God which I share with you is that Jesus taught us not to be selfish and know to be generous because selfishness will make us see only ourselves. It will make us feel that there is only one ‘me’ in the world and everyone must pay attention to us only. But Jesus taught us to have the eyes to look beyond ourselves, to look at others, especially people who are in need and to help them. ‘Giving’ brings happiness to us more than ‘taking’.

             May the word of God help us in this new academic year, and let us know to send good wishes to those around us, our brothers and sisters in school, our family members or even the people we don’t know, so that we can learn that the happiness in our hearts is the pleasure that no one can take from us.

             May God bless all of us.

Director Pisut Yongkamol’s speech

             Today, we have had a very long ceremony in which everyone has been very patient. Seeing alumni gradually coming back is like seeing eagles returning to the nest. Master would like to thank you very much and Master has a video clip of ‘America’s Got Talent’ for you to watch. It is about an American boy of 7 years old who is sick, almost dying from Leukemia but he loves to play the violin and does not give up in the face of obstacles. This is a very good example. In our school there are strong people, weak people, rich people, people who have everything, people in need, people who are good and not good at anything. No matter what, Master would like you to be aware, do not compare your life with others; like this sick child who fought obstacles in his life by turning to play the violin.
             Anyone who always bullies others both consciously and unconsciously, Master requests that you please stop doing that: always remember to “treat others as you would like them to treat yourself”.
             I would also like to ask you to develop a tolerance for fatigue. This will make us disciplined, and discipline creates people and people create nations. Anyone who persuades friends to just talk should not do so, because that is not Ektra culture. Master would like students to learn to practice. A knife must be honed many times to be sharp. Musicians who have won prizes must practice frequently to be good: Music teachers, chorus, actors must practice. If we combined all the talents of Ektra students there would not be enough time, which corresponds to the theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) that the school promotes for the potential of students, according to their preference and aptitude, through MI activities to make each student’s ability to shine.

             Master would like to speak to students who always lampoon friends, such as by calling them obese, stinky, dark boy, etc. If Master were the victim, Master would use the ‘not take something to heart’ technique with students who like to speak sarcastically, even though you might be able not think of anything requesting them to stop doing this.
             Finally all of us have blessings. “The wit is as sharp as a knife and the temper like a cold wind” is a reminder of living in every day life.


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Primary Department


Secondary Department/p>



List of Students who received awards on Feast Day and Wai Kru Day

100 points on O-NET test scores in Academic year 2018

Year 9 in the Academic year 2018
1. Mstr. Thanakrit Kulrattanarak Y.7D
2. Miss Napas Wutiwiwatchai Y.7D
3. Mstr. Punyawat Watcharasukij Y.7D

1. Miss Ciana Tamisa Umprakhon Allen Y.7A
2. Miss Chanita Buranabanyat Y.7D

Year 9 in the Academic year 2018
1. Miss Nicha Techawatcharathep Y.10A

1. Miss Niparada Subongkot Y.10A

List of students receiving scholarships

Junior Secondary Level
1. Mstr. Ekasit Sereeviriyakul Y.7A MI. Sport Scholarship
2. Miss Pattamanant Praditsmanont Y.7B MI. Drama Scholarship
3. Miss Amolwan Panyasevanamit Y.7B Music Scholarship
4. Mstr. Jiratpol Seehatrakul Y.7C Music Scholarship
5. Mstr. Samach Ratanapraphakorn Y.7D Music Scholarship
6. Mstr. Ukkrit Dewkota Y.7D English Scholarship
7. Miss Napas Wutiwiwatchai Y.7D English Scholarship
8.Miss Jessica Kate Mills Y.7D Music Scholarship
9. Miss Khunchita Onodera Y.7D Academic Scholarship
10. Miss Phuncharat Prakaianurat Y.7D Academic Scholarship
Senior Secondary Level
1. Mr. Nichol Tomas Y.10A Sport Scholarship
2. Mr. Gunn Wangwichit Y.10A Music Scholarship
3. Miss Jidapa Nakinpong Y.10A Academic Scholarship
4. Miss Anchalee Rodsunthorn Y.10A MI Chinese Scholarship
5. Miss Niparada Subongkot Y.10A English Scholarship
6. Mr. T Dechpokket Y.10B English Scholarship
7. Mr. Ronnakrit Nithithongsakul Y.10B Music Scholarship
8. Mr. Kittapas Thattanasombat Y.10C Music Scholarship
9. Miss Supitcha Wawworavit Y.10C Music Scholarship
10. Mr. Supabute Sottatipreedawong Y.10D Music Scholarship
11. Mr. Tananon Termteerapornpimol Y.10D Sport Scholarship

Coloring picture competition under the topic of “Love and Respect”

Year 1 level
The first prize winning award is Miss Jiraporn Jittheang Y.1E

Writing an essay from a picture Yrs.4-6 (Thai language Section)
The first prize winning award is Mstr. Pannatorn Tanikchokkobkul Y.6F

Writing R.C.W. competition under the topic of “Teachers are my wonderful heroes”

Year 4 level
The first prize winning award is Mstr. Punyathorn Kansiri Y.4F

Year 5 level
The first prize winning award is Miss Paveesutthida Chaiyaporn Y. 5D

Year 6 level
The first prize winning award is Miss Marion Grace Montgomery Year 6A

Drawing competition under the topic of “A Future Builder”Junior Secondary level

Junior Secondary level
The first prize winning award is Miss Ajariya Chinomi Y.9C

Senior Secondary level
The first prize winning award is Miss Jidapha Somkidlert Y.11A

Thai Essay competition under the topic of “To Honor the Beloved Teacher”

Junior Secondary level
The first prize winning award is Miss Gornganok Limpayaraya Y.9C

Senior Secondary level
The first prize winning award is Mr. Kemmatat Trawornyingrut Y.10D

English Speech competition under the topic of “How can we honor teachers?”

Junior Secondary level
The first prize winning award is Miss Worada Raoruja Y.9C

The result of Wai Kru pedestal tray competitionYear 7 level

Year 7 level : The first prize winning award is Y.7C
Year 8 level : The first prize winning award is Y.8A
Year 9 level : The first prize winning award is Y.9C
Year 10 level : The first prize winning award is Y.10B
Year 11 level : The first prize winning award is Y.11C
Year 12 level : The first prize winning award is Y.12D