World Cultural Day Activity, 2019

             Kindergarten and Primary Department organized the World Cultural Day Activity, 2019 on September 13th for students to learn more about the cultures of various countries in the world.

             The activity included international dance performances and musical performances by teachers and Primary students in the ‘5PM Band’. Foreign and Thai parents were guest speakers, and foreign teachers organized base activities for 22 countries, such as Canada, Scotland, Australia, India, the Philippines, Greece, Japan, China, South Korea, Mexico, Thailand, Poland, and the countries in West Africa and East Africa. Students in each class rotated through four countries’ base activities in each room, in which students learned about national costume, food, song, national sport, and so on. The Students in NC – Yr.3 were also able to dress in international costumes.

             School would like to thank all the parents who devoted time and effort to participate in this activity. We especially thank the various embassies who provided equipment for the event. These included Switzerland, Poland, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Greece, Spain, South Korea and Mexico. Their generosity helped make the activity so successful. Students had fun and learnt about the differences in traditions and cultures. They also experienced using English in real life.


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World Cultural Day