Summer Camp 2019

             “Summer Camp 2019” was held between 26 March and 26 April 2019 for students to learn new things and have new experiences during the school holidays. Each department organized various camps that were interesting and different from previous years.

             This year, the Kindergarten Department organized a Breakthrough camp with the theme of “Safety”. Students learned about safety in traffic, sport, and food. They were honored by the Wat Praya Krai Metropolitan Police Station who provided a lecturer. Students also learned about cooking and growing vegetables that are useful and the rules on how to play with toys and devices safely. There was also an English Camp in which students learned with foreign teachers through activities that were fun in the theme of “Street Smart”, such as washing wounds, touching hot and cold things, etc., and sightseeing at Kidzania and Bounce Thailand @ The Street. The afternoons had activities such as Thai Dance Camp that organized a show of students' abilities on the last day, allowing parents to take photos of these cute students.




English Camp


Art for Kids


Thai Dance



             The Primary Department also organized an equally interesting Breakthrough camp, at Lower Primary level with the theme of “Live Smart”, and in Upper Primary on the theme of “Live Life” focusing on improving English language skills and learning English by integrating language and content. This was supplemented by activities in “Plearn Camp” (Play + Learn = Plearn) with activity bases organized by Foreign and Thai teachers such as Sport Clubs, Creative Art, Story Telling, etc., and sightseeing at the office of Thai Health Promotion Foundation (THPF). Yr. 4- 12 students went sightseeing at Science Square of Chamchuri Square building.In addition, an English Camp was organized with foreign teachers in the Lower Primary level, in the name of “Wheels Ahead” camp with the Theme of “Adventure”, and for Upper Primary under the name of “Full Steam” with the Theme of “Movies and TV shows”. Students in both camps also went to Dream World, SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World, Cinema with friends (Dumbo or Wonder Park), and Madame Tussauds @ Siam Discovery. They exhibited their work and abilities on the closing day of the camp, allowing parents to watch Thai Classical Masked Play (Khon) of the students in Yr.2 – Yr.5 and Music Camp both in the form of solo performances and band performances of the students in Primary and Secondary Department.


Theme “Live Smart”


Theme “Live Life”


Plearn Camp
(Play + Learn = Plearn)


Wheels Ahead
Theme “Adventure”


Full Steam
Theme “Movies and TV shows”


Thai Classical Masked Play


Music Camp



             Junior High school students gained more knowledge from the Breakthrough Camp with the theme of “Communities”, including the promotion of scientific processes and mathematical skills, reading skills, and presentation skills, and also organized the same activities as Primary Department students. These included the financial planning promotion activity organized by the Government savings bank and the “Young Thinking Innovator camp - STEM Education activity of the National Innovation Agency. There was also a Morning Activity focusing on Team work, and activities to promote multiple intelligences (MI) for students to research the things they like and are good at. They then invented a product to present in English during the “Show and Share” activity to friends and the Board. This is an activity that has continued from the previous academic year, along with the field trip to the Ancient City at Samut Prakan province and studying nature and planting mangrove forest at Chulachomklao Fort.

             Learning and teaching at the secondary school level will learn to adjust the basics according to the strand that students have chosen and improve their use of English. This was honored by The National Innovation Agency with the organization of the STEAM 4 INNOVATOR WORKSHOP and the educational guidance officer at Stamford International University as the instructor in making the Portfolio. In addition, students in each camp visited the Siriraj Bimuksthan Museum, Wanglang, Investment Discovery Museum, Museum of Contemporary Thai Art (MOCA), Public Media Museum (Thai PBS Museum), Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO), King Mongkut’s university of Technology Thonburi (KMUUT), and the Medical Health Laboratory, Bangkok Hospital.


Theme “Communities”




the Medical Health Laboratory
(N Health)


Siriraj Bimuksthan Museum


Investment Discovery Museum


Museum of Contemporary
Thai Art (MOCA)


Public Media Museum
(Thai PBS Museum)




Institute of
Field Robotics (FIBO)


Japanese Design