Sarasas Ektra School

Ektra's Pride

Mr. Kitti Chukhongrassami (old surname: Amnaoysophon)
Sarasas Ektra School, Batch 5 (KG. 3 – Yr.12)

Education : - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Chulalongkorn University
                    - Master's degree in Real Estate Development, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University

Working History :
      Currently working at Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited as the Business Development Senior Manager.

Nature of the work currently performed :
      Work in Real Estate Development company responsible for negotiating land purchases, analyzing land potential for project development in various areas, such as land location, price, cost, design, marketing, competitors, as well as various related laws to present to the management for consideration and investment in project development.

Feelings towards Ektra :
      1. Most close friends are friends from Sarasas Ektra School, some who have been friends since Kindergarten or Primary. Still talking until today, in total over 30 years.
      2. Some teachers have taught me since Kindergarten. Back at school I still meet them and go to prostrate and greet them like relatives and family
      3. Have five siblings, and every one of them has studied in Sarasas Ektra School until they finished Yr.12, so we are quite close to the teachers in the school. Some teachers have taught all siblings

Pride while studying at Ektra :
      1. Vice President of Academic Affairs
      2. MC of school activities such as Teacher’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation Ceremony of Yr.12
      3. Thai-English Calligraphy representative
      4. Certificate for the outstanding student in politeness

Impressions while studying at Ektra :
           Ektra gives students opportunities to demonstrate their abilities, that they have both academic skills and in activities, which makes students find themselves quickly. also supports students to develop their own potential fully as appropriate

Things received from studying at Ektra and can really use :
      1. Entrance examination for undergraduate study in Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, received the highest score as the First place in the department.
      2. Has given me encouragement, shown me how to be assertive in talking, negotiation and communication, and how to approach adults and be humble.

Ideas for young students :
      1. Everyone has their own path; do not compare yourself with others.
      2. Try to find your strength and fully develop that area.
      3. Teamwork is important in every way; we can’t do big jobs alone. Having a talented and unified team is important.
      4. Choose to do everything you like and be happy when doing both academic and activity things.

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