Sarasas Ektra School

Ektra's Pride

Mr. Thantham Rungwithu
Batch 13 (Yr.1-Yr.5 and Yr.9-Yr.12 [scholarship student majoring Art-Music])

Education :
Bachelor Degree: Communication Arts (International Program), Chulalongkorn University (2nd Class Honours)
Master Degree: GSCM: Graduate School of Communication Arts, NIDA (Full granted scholarship)

Ektra Pride :
      - Joining the Debate Contest at school
      - Being the school’s representative for English Language Competitions
      - Founding the Speech Club
      - Receiving the school’s Academic Scholarship ( Arts- Music Program)
      - Graduating from GAC Program (1st Batch)
      - Passing through FJA (Future Journalist Award) camp ( the 10th Finalists Round)
      - - Working as an MC in the shows which include Asean Report and Around the World ( interviewing teenagers and business startup in the ASEAN community)
- Working as a journalist, analysing international news and using English language in reporting international news

Impressions while Studying in SES :
           Although the school was quite small, this opened a door for me to get great opportunities to try doing many different things. The school always had stages and space for students to express their abilities and interests such as Music and Speech Clubs (M.I.s). My first speech contest was here at Ektra and I was the one who established the school’s speech club. Looking back, I realise that most of the achievements throughout the years have come from Ektra. School was not only a place for studying, but it was also a place for students to gain experiences and show their talents. Additionally, all Ektra’s teachers and friends always gave a warm welcome to Alumni no matter how long after we graduated from the school.

Message to SES Juniors :
           I’d like to tell you that participating in activities is very essential. Focusing on studying in the classrooms may help you pass the admission test but the knowledge from class alone is not adequate for working in the future. I highly recommend you find the thing that you love doing and do the activities relating to it. This is because experiences from doing activities play an important role in your work life. I truly believe that the school has a place for you to stand no matter what you are interested in: Music, Sports, Languages, and others. Most importantly, please don’t wait for the teachers to ask you what you would like to do. Go straight to them and tell them what you enjoy doing. The school is always a great place to be your stage.

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