The Career of My Dreams for KG.1 (Infant Dept.)

         Throughout the month of September our KG1 students were learning about ‘Occupations’. We learnt about what certain occupations do, as well as helping our students to think about what they may want to be in the future. From the 15th -17th of September the school invited parents and guest speakers from certain careers to come and talk to our students about their job.
         On the 15th of September, a group of firefighters, with fire truck and uniform in tow, came to give a presentation to the kids. The main speaker talked about his responsibilities such as putting out fires, helping to rescue people from high-rise buildings as well as many other tasks. They also talked about the tools and equipment they need and how to use them. Students had the opportunity to dress up, sit in the fire truck, and listen to the siren as well as even getting the chance to go up and down on the rescue hydraulic platform and crane.
         On the 16th of September the school invited an engineer to speak to the students about his job and some of the projects that engineers are responsible for. Our guest speaker brought real tools to demonstrate to the students, as well as allowing students to try them out (under careful supervision). Students got to try using a drill, sawing wood into many shapes and hammering nails. The importance of safety and understanding that these tools are not toys was also explained during the activity. Our guest speaker was a foreign parent who kindly agreed to help us, which resulted in students learning new vocabulary and improving their listening skills as the presentation was in English only.
         Last but not least, on the 17th of September a former colleague of our Infants Department kindly volunteered his time to come and talk about being a policeman. He explained some of the things that a policeman has to do for example, catching criminals, helping when somebody has an accident and making sure people are safe. Students had the opportunity to sit in a police car or on a police motorcycle, as well as hearing the sirens and learning how to use a radio to communicate.
         Students were excited to see, hear and experience parts of these occupations first hand, these presentations helped to inspire the students and start them thinking about what the future career of their dreams maybe.