KG.1- Learning theme: “Mathematics” (Infant Dept.)

        Mathematical knowledge, or numeracy, is important for daily life. Our school supports the principle of teaching kindergarten students how to read, write and count numbers, to develop basic mathematical and numeracy skills from an early age.

        Mathematics is taught by the foreign teacher.The foreign teachers' teaching techniques are easy to understand and the students find learning interesting and enjoyable while they also gain knowledge. Learning begins with the greeting by all students in the room. The teacher teaches counting numbers 1-10 by singing a song and using flashcards for the students to practice their reading. Then the teacher will pick out the flashcards and ask the students “What is this number?” It’s easy to remember. The teacher will then get each student to toss a dice and count aloud the number of dots on the dice? They then pick up a number disc which has the correct number of dots and give it to teacher. After that the students practice writing the numbers.

        We also have a game about numbers for students in which some of them act as fish and some as a shark. They sing a song for the shark to run and bite some small fish. They then count all the fish to see how many the shark has eaten.

        Every student gets to learn about numbers and to understand how to read and write them. The enjoy this very much and what they learn applies M.I. theory for Logical-Mathematical intelligence.