Theme “ourselves”(get to know our hands)

NURSERY- Learning theme: “Ourselves” - getting to know our hands.

         From the 29th June – 3rd July, 2015 our Nursery students have been learning about ‘Ourselves’, specifically learning about our ‘hands’ and other body parts enabling students to recognise what different parts of their bodies are used for, how they work and how to take care of them.
We introduced the theme through songs, to stimulate student’s interest, as well as prompting them with question and answer activities. Within our lessons, we set up four activity bases, focusing on learning about our hands.

Base 1:
Mathematics – teaching our students to count numbers by using their hands/fingers. Learning how to identify numbers and asking students to count the correct amount of buttons that correspond to the number shown.
Base 2:
Art – Students have been strengthening their hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills through sticking craft paper onto pictures of their hands, this activity is also aimed to help students practice their thinking and creativity skills.
Base 3:
String the beads – Again, developing our fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. Students were learning how to thread beads onto a piece of yarn, also learning how to multi-task – holding the bead and looking for the hole to thread the string.
Base 4:
Clean hands –This base aimed to teach students how to clean their hands correctly, using the seven steps of hand washing.
         Teaching and learning about this theme through the 4 bases, is geared towards helping our students M.I. (Multiple Intelligences) in our lessons. Our school uses this theory to help our students with basic learning activities such as mathematics, spatial-temporal reasoning, body and movement etc.