The Thai Learning Strand in the Secondary department asked students to set up a Thai Language Project on the topic “Folktales from each region of Thailand” because the topic for Thai National Language Day and Learning in Thai Year 7, section 7 is “Folktales”. Teachers asked students to search for information from resources such as the internet and the library in addition to the textbook. Students will be able to display their projects on 27th July 2015 at 8.30 am – 10.00 am for Year 4 students to view. The works on display were also shown in the exhibition on National Thai Language Day, 29th July 2015. Students not only learnt more about folktales, but practiced in sharing information with Junior and Senior students.
          Class presentations on “Folktales from each region of Thailand”
          Year 7A - Southern Thailand: “The Goddess Lim Ko Niew”
               - The history of the Goddess Lim Ko Niew.
               - The story and the miracles of Goddess Lim Ko Niew, Pattani Province.
               - The meaning of the difficult words: “Promise” and “Truth”.
               - The ideas that we received from Goddess Lim Ko Niew
          Year 7B - Eastern Thailand: “Grandpa Monglie and Grandma Rumpung”
               - Oral history of “Grandpa Monglie and Grandma Rumpung”
               - The tourist attractions that are associated with Grandpa Monglie and Grandma Rumpung.
               - The meaning of “Tray of Gifts”. What things are included in the Tray of Gifts parade? What meaning do they have?
          Year 7C - Northern Thailand: “Laplae Town”
               - The legend of Laplae Town in Uttaradit Province.
               - The meaning of an idiom that has the word “turmeric”.
               - Types of foods that use turmeric.
          Year 7D - Northeastern Thailand: “The King of Toads”
               - The legend of The King of Toads
               - The history of rain-summoning traditions such as the Rocket Festival and the Hae Nang Maew ritual
               - The meaning of an idiom that has the word “Toad”.
          Year 7E - Central Thailand: “Krai-Thong”
               - The legend of Krai-Thong.
               - Types of crocodile: Saltwater crocodile and Siamese crocodile.
               - The meaning of an idiom that has the word “crocodile”.