Miniature Molding ( Primary Dept. )

         Miniature Molding is an MI activity for Y. 6 students that builds Spatial Intelligence. The mold is a handmade product that enables students to practice using their creativity, knowledge, attention to detail and patience. It may also help them in their future vocations.

Materials used in molding miniature
1. Thai soil
2. Oil colors
3. Small sharp pointed scissors
4. Toothpicks
5. Small plates
6. TOA glue
7. Nail polish

Step in molding miniature
1.Mix oil color with Thai soil to make it the color you like (need to clean the hands first).
2.Take a small amount of soil to mold it (need to seal the soil bag well because it dries very fast).
3.Put all parts together with TOA glue.
4.Place the miniature mold onto the plate decoratively, and coat it with nail polish.

         Students can mold Thai soil into different kinds of shape beside vegetables and fruits, and can apply molding techniques to foods such as mini-snacks and other miniature food portions.