Ektra News: Academic Year 2016

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Open House Infant Department 2017

We are inviting interested parents considering their child to continue in NC- KG.3 to join the Open House on Friday 10 February 2017 from 8.30 am-11.30 am at Sathupradit Soi 19 , Sarasas Ektra School ( Infant Department).There will be more information about academic instruction, class activities and watching a lesson as well as current students performing and showing their abilities. If interested, please reserve your seat at the Admin Office, Infant Department. Call 02 -674-2450-2

Invitation to Attend Multiple Intelligences Day

We thank all of you for having confidence in school's trtelage and learning activities, which focus on the pupils' development and to prepare them for Primary education. The activities are age appropriate and orgainsed according to the theory of Multiple Intelligences.   more detail

Invitation to Attend "Project Approach" by Nursery Pupils

We thank all of you for entrusting us with the task of taking care of your children and for having confidence in the tutelage and learning activities that we provide. Through these activities at our school, your children are given unique opportunities to devlop key skills   more detail

Health Care During the Changing Weather

Due to the abrupt change in the weathe, it has been cold and wet in many areas. This contributes to the growth of diseases such as flu, hand-foot-and mouth disease, pneumonia and diarrhea in children and those with medical problems. School has cooperated with Health Care Service   more detail

Ektra Closer : Academic Year 2016 #15

“Your name is indeed Bhumibol, which means the power of the earth. I want you to stay close to the earth.” Having thus heard, I contemplated the implications of these words. Mom must have taught me something and must have intended me to be humble and work...   more detail

National Father's Day 2016

Sarasas Ektra Infants Department will host a "National Father's Day 2016" on the 2nd December 2016. For your acknowledgement, the Infants Department cordially invites all KG.2 parents to join the celebration more detail

Continuing to Senior High School: Years 10-12

Sarasas Ektra School is well aware of how important it is for year 9 students to prepare themselves for continuing their study in high school’s senior secondary level, which is divided into numerous programs. Therefore, school’s administration team will host a meeting more detail

Ektra Newsflash – Issued Date 11th November 2016

Sarasas Ektra school will hold their annual Christmas Festival to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Throughout his life, he displayed love, modesty, humility and helped to all people he met. more detail

DEAR @ Sarasas Ektra School – Primary Department

For semester two, the Primary Department will introduce DEAR time in our school week. DEAR stands for Drop Everything And Read. This will be for all students from Year 1 to 6. more detail

Newsflash: Issued Date 23rd September 2016

It has come to the last week of Semester 1, 2016. Let’s read the Ektra Newsflash before getting ready for the final exams more detail

School’s Van Service

Sarasas Ektra School organised alcohol testing to be provided to the school’s van drivers, in order to make sure that they were ready to be behind the wheel. Drivers were randomly chosen to go through the testing process 1- 2 times a week. more detail

Preventive measures against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

Volatile weather during this season might be a cause of the spread of respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, which can cause symptoms similar to those of a cold, or worse, can lead to serious symptoms such as the infection of lungs. Present in air, this virus can be contagious via tactile more detail

KG.2 Open House Activity by Primary Department

School would like to thank you all for your trust in our teaching and learning system and our care for all kindergartners. We focus on students' development in all aspects in accordance with their age and knowledge levels. We also inculcate the love of learning in students more detail

KG.3 Open House Activity by Primary Department

School would like to thank you all for your trust in our teaching and learning system and our care for all kindergartners. We focus on students' development in all aspects in accordance with their age and knowledge levels. We also inculcate the love of learning in students more detail

Open House activity invitation

Sarasas Ektra School will host the Open House activity for year 1 students from September 6th - 8th, 2016. The purpose of the activity, which lasts 4 hours from 7.00 - 11.00, is to enable parents to see the learning environment, to watch students' performances, and to more detail

Schedule of Open House 2016 (Infant Department)

The Infant Department of Sarasas Ektra School will organize the Open House 2016 Activity during August 15th-26th , 2016 at Sathupradit Rd.Soi 19 , Sarasas Ektra School from 08.00-10.30 am. There will be more information about the curriculum, class activities and lesson more detail

Special Mother's Day Ceremony Invitation 2016

Sarasas Ektra Primary Department will host a Special Mother's Day Ceremony on Thursday 11th August 2016 from 1.00pm - 2.30pm for Year 3 students and their mothers or motherly figures to join in respecting Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and to inculcate students in more detail

"Thai Culture Conservation" activity for National Mother's Day

On the 12th of August, which marks National Mother's Day, Sarasas Ektra School will host an activity to promote Thai Culture, which has seen many changes through the ages. Therefore, school would like to ask kindly for parents' cooperation in participating more detail

Invitation for attending the "National Mother's Day 2016" Ceremony

The Infant Department of Sarasas Ektra School will organize the "National Mother's Day 2016" Ceremony on the 10th of August 2016, in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen's 84th birthday, which is on August 12th, 2016 more detail

Ektra 8th Annual Star Kids

Sarasas Ektra Infant Department will be hosting the 8th Ektra Star Kids activity. This activity will give students the opportunity to boost their confidence and showcase their individual talents such as singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, more detail

How to Prevent Diseases During the Rainy Season

The Infant Department of Sarasas Ektra School has been monitoring students to see if they have contracted some diseases that can spread very quickly during the rainy season. So school would like to present some precautions to protect them from these diseases. more detail

Dhamma Preaching, Infant Department, KG 2 – 3

The Infant Department of Sarasas Ektra School will organise “Dhamma Preaching” for KG.2-3 students on Wednesday 22nd June 2016 at the Breezeway of Building 1. This activity has been organisedeach year since 2014. more detail

"Kids Story-Telling" Activity: Audition Applications Open!

Infant Department of Sarasas Ektra will host "3rd Kids Story Telling" activity to uncover students who have the ability to tell stories in KG.2-3 level, in both Thai and English languages. The school is asking interested students to join this activity more detail

Meeting for parents of new students in 2016 (Infant and Primary Dept.)

Recently, school informed parents of new students of a meeting that will be held on 4th June 2016. Because of the limitedspace, however, Infant and Primary Department has decided to hold this parent meeting at the same time more detail

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Due to the change of weather and what may be the start of rainy season, we are aware that our students are much more susceptible to falling sick. We are concerned that these conditions are ideal for the spread germs and illnesses in particular, more detail

Invitation to a meeting

Sarasas Ektra School has organised a meeting for all parents of the Year 7 students and also the parents of the new students in Year 8-12 to clarify the development in English potential, content management, student’s evaluation and finally to give a full explanation more detail

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