Ektra Newsflash Academic Year 2015

Ektra Newsflash

Hello, here’s the final edition of the Ektra Newsflash before the end of the academic year. Catch up on all the news. Enjoy!

Issued Date 17 th February 2015

Ektra Newsflash

New Year Greetings to parents, students and all teachers. The first Ektra Newsflash for 2015 has a lot of information and good stories for everyone to follow.

Issued Date 22nd January 2015

Ektra Newsflash : Back To School Edition 2/2014

Parents, teachers and all students, welcome to Semester 2/2557.

Issued Date 31st November 2014

Ektra Newsflash

It is come to the last month of Semester 1,2014. Let's read the Ektra Newsflash before getting ready for the final exams.

Issued Date 5th September 2014

Ektra Newsflash

Greetings to all parents, students and teachers. It’s the start of raining season and the weather changes often, so please do not forget to take good care of yourself, be strong.

Issued Date 16th July 2014

Ektra Newsflash : Welcome Back To School

Newsflash to welcome the Academic year 2014 and getting Year 12 students' achievement on their admission results, how to behave their own selves with good self-disciplines, protocols nd school vans security policies, after-school lessons, activities calendar of June-July 2014

Issued Date 20th May 2014

Ektra Newsflash Summer Courses 2014

Ektra Newsflash to inform you the schedule of the Summer courses 2014 and school regulations : Class Schedule, Recess and lunch break, Student drop-off and pick-up rules, Textbook pick-up; purchase of student uniform and sport uniform, Activity Calendar and Administrator office hourse during Summer.

Issued Date 27th March 2014

Ektra Newsflash

The updated information as fllows : Schedule, Exam Results / Report Card Collection / Summer Course / Schedule Academic year 2014 / Collection of TEXTBOOKS / Purchasing school / sports uniform and school bag / Contacting Administration office during the Summer period

Issued Date 17th February 2014

Ektra Newsflash January 2014

The updated information as fllows : Making up lost lessons Schedule, Final Exam Schedule Semester 2/2014 and other activites, Chinese New Year Holiday, Valentine's Day and Updating Information.

Issued Date 23rd January 2014

Ektra Newsflash Welcoming to the 2nd semester

Here is important information from school which we'd like you all review : Preparing students before coming to school, Primary Department use of Canteen 2, Taking class photo for the yearbook, No gifts please, Exams and activities schedule...

Issued Date 7th November 2013

Ektra Newsflash

This will be the last Newsflash for the first semester, Final Exam , Activities calendar, News and The codes of conduduct as the following

Issued Date 3rd September 2013

Ektra Newsflash Back to School 2013

Newsflash Welcome back to school in academic year 2013. Now let us congratulate Yr.12 students for their admission results into University. And After-school lessons

Issued Date 23rd May 2013

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