Ektra Newsflash Academic Year 2017

Ektra Newsflash

           School would like to welcome all new and returning students and parents to Summer School 2018. School really appreciates you sending your children to study at Sarasas Ektra School and for trusting our teachers. If your child or children are in Nursery and Kindergarten, you may still be worried, because it might be the first time your children have attended school. more detail

Issued Date 27 th March 2018

Ektra Newsflash

           We would like to thank all parents and alumni for participating in our Sports Carnival 2017 activity. It was excellent to see so many of you at school to encourage your children and juniors in the various sporting competitions, joining in with our activities more detail

Issued Date 12 th February 2018

Ektra Newsflash

           NO Gifts or Souvenirs Please! The Christmas-New Year Break is a long holiday. Parents usually travel and buy gifts to give to each other. Sarasas Ektra School asks parents and students not to give any kind of gifts or souvenirs to teachers or the management. more detail

Issued Date 23rd November 2017

Ektra Newsflash

           In Semester 2, Our Infant Department (Soi Sathupradit 19) together with its NC.-KG.2 students will move to be with the Primary Department at Soi Sathupradit 20. Parents can look at the school’s website (www.ektra.ac.th) for more information and for details about the traffic course / route within the campus at Soi 20. At present the information on the website is the current layout of the school. more detail

Issued Date 22nd September 2017

Ektra Newsflash

           Students should be taught to have discipline and responsibility from a young age. This is because they should learn to organize things in life which are the factors contributing to the happiness and prosperity of their own lives and of society. more detail

Issued Date 7th July 2017

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