Ektra Newsflash Academic Year 2018

EKTRA Newsflash

           We would like to thank all parents and alumni for participating in our Sports Carnival 2018 activity. It was excellent to see so many of you at school to encourage your children and juniors in the various sporting competitions, joining in with our activities and providing the students with snacks, milk, water, and cheering props etc. more detail

Issued Date 14th February 2018

EKTRA Newsflash

           The school appreciates all parents, supporters, students, and students who attended and supported the stage play – Insight Music “The Sound of a Million Dreams” performed for the school’s 23 anniversary celebration November 21st to 23rd, 2018. Total amount of money obtained from the activity is 157,079 Baht. After the cost is deducted, it will be donated to Siriraj Hospital for purchase of medical equipment. more detail

Issued Date 14th December 2018

EKTRA Newsflash

           NO Gifts or Souvenirs Please! The Christmas-New Year Break is a long holiday. Parents usually travel and buy gifts to give to each other. Sarasas Ektra School asks parents and students not to give any kind of gifts or souvenirs to teachers or the management. We want to build a culture of equality for all students. more detail

Issued Date 9th November 2018

EKTRA Newsflash

           Sarasas Ektra School thanks all parents for their cooperation and support of their student’s education and activities as well as following school policies. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all parents for any inconvenience / disruption caused. more detail

Issued Date 26th September 2018

EKTRA Newsflash

           The school is grateful to all the parents of our new Nursery – Yr. 11 students and to all the parents of current Yr.1, Yr.7, and Yr. 10 students for joining the parent meeting. We really appreciate your cooperation and support. more detail more detail

Issued Date 14th June 2018

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