Ektra Newsflash Academic Year 2016

Ektra Newsflash

           School welcomes all current and new students to Summer School 2017. School really appreciates you sending your children to study at Sarasas Ektra School and for trusting our teachers. more detail

Issued Date 27th March 2017

Ektra Newsflash

           Hello, here's the final edition of the Ektra Newsflash before the end of the academic year. Catch up on all the news. Enjoy! more detail

Issued Date 21st February 2017

Ektra Newsflash

           Sarasas Ektra school will hold their annual Christmas Festival to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Throughout his life, he displayed love, modesty, humility and helped to all people he met. As per tradition, school will have its annual X’mas Performances. more detail

Issued Date 11th November 2016

Ektra Newsflash

           It has come to the last week of Semester 1, 2016. Let’s read the Ektra Newsflash before getting ready for the final exams more detail

Issued Date 23rd September 2016

Ektra Newsflash Summer School 2016

           Due to the ongoing construction for the new building at the Primary department, there is a new route for dropping off and picking up your children to and from school. To decrease the amount of pollution, the school would like students to take note of the following : more detail

Issued Date 18th May 2016

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